The Best Velvet Corsets

Velvet is one of the most amazing fabrics. For its richness and the way it is playing at the light is often chosen to be the center of the outfit. During centuries velvet was at the top of trends. That means if you are choosing a velvet corset if can be both suitable for old-fashioned look or for trendy and modern. At our corset shop we have created incredible collection of velvet corsets of all different colors, shapes and styles.

At the cover: green velvet underbust corset with steampunk closure.

Top Gothic and Dark Fashion Velvet Corsets. 

1. Exclusive velvet corset dress that we have created using our own fitting secrets. As a result the dress is giving a dramatic hourglass look and becomes a center of attention. This design in different colors took part at art projects all over the world and had been on the cover of the magazine. Depending on the color and styling it can create luxury pinup style or become a piece of dark gothic fashion. The dress is fully bespoke.

old fashioned velvet corset dressdark fashion gothic corsetvelvet gothic corset dress


2. The Long Velvet Overbust Corset. On our opionion the best color for this corset is a deep dark red, but it is available in all other colors as well. 

gothic velvet corset

3. Classic Victorian Overbust Velvet Corset.

Perfect and simple overbust corset with classic lines at the same time elegant and beautiful with its simplicity. 

overbust velvet corset


Steampunk Velvet Corsets.

The beauty of the velvet fabric is that depending upon the color or accessories you can achieve a very rich and amazing look in different syles. Steampunk lovers already appreciated our velvet corsets.

1. The Half Bust Velvet Corset of rust color.

This corset is suitable for old-fashioned wide skirts, looks amazing with a pair of gloves. It creates soft and delicate lines and gives good difference between waist and hips for hourglass shapes.

steampunk velvet corset

2. The Green Velvet Underbust Corset.

This corset can be used for gothic outfits and for steampunk both. It can be made of all different colors and has classic busk option and steampunk hooks. One of the most multipurpose designs at our corset store. We have created a special lot of 2 Velvet Corsets with 25% discount so you can get two incredible corsets.

set of steampunk corsets

3. Beautiful designs based on our Western Collection created from velvet and decorated by fringe. Each of them is looking like a corset from an old Western Movie.

 Underbust Velvet Corset

 Overbust option of this steampunk style


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