Western Collection

Western Collection was designed in Nashville by Robert Montano, cofounder of Corsettery and a lover of country music. Piece by piece it was put together from the top materials into exclusive collection of high quality corsets that contains several corsets from blue denim, brown suede, brown leather and some steampunk velvet corsets.

In this article you will be able to see how Western Collection was created from sketch to a ready corset.

This collection contains several corsets from denim: classic overbust corset that is made with original orange stitching and buttons, overbust classic denim corset with busk, waist corset with orange stitching and buttons.

denim overbust corset

The denim overbust corset on the video. 


Overbust corset with buttons

The overbust version of this corset with classic busk.

classic denim waist corset

The waist design of this denim corset with orange stitching is a wonderful accessory for any steampunk, vintage or even modern country outfit. It looks incredible with heavy satin maxi skirts.

denim waist corset

The country style is impossible to imagine without high quality real leather and suede corsets!

leather overbust steampunk corset

We in Corsettery are big lovers of combining denim together with leather. This overbust corset is made of a top quality brown leather and decorated with fringe. It has stylish buttons.

You may see how the corset from brown suede was sketched and then it became real. We have also created several similar steampunk corsets of different colors and designs.

suede overbust corset

There is an underbust velvet steampunk corset with steampunk hooks in different colors. And overbust version.

Underbust western country corset

overbust steampunk velvet corset

One of the basic corsets at our store is also from the Western Collection - in case if you are looking for a classic but high quality real suede corset. We have made one of the most popular and good fitting underbust corset in incredible brown suede with just classic busk.

brown suede underbust corset

brown suede steampunk corset

Modeling and styling of the photos - Irina Pyleva

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