Wedding Style 2021 - Biker Brides wear Corsets!

Woeful brides are aplenty now - it’s hard to feel happy about your postponed wedding day - and we totally feel you! 

We know this has been a super hard time for brides due to the ongoing pandemic, with wedding dates postponed, large scale gatherings pared down to just the chosen few, but we won’t let the limitations stop you from having fun and making it super memorable. 

Corset from the cover - Black Leather Biker Corset.

The team at Corsettery has put together some key looks for alternative bride wedding dress options, ranging from the classic to edgy. We wanted to begin with some out of the box thinking, and start with biker bride style chic for your big day!

>>> Top 5 Badass Biker Corset Bride Ideas Looks:


Planning a socially distanced, motorcycle bike escort? These looks are edgy enough with that right touch of bridal thrown in. Why not rev up into high gear with these top corset looks for your special day.

Corset Bride Look #1 - “White Wedding on Wheels”

White Leather Look - The Ramona Bespoke Leather Corset by Corsettery

white leather wedding corset

A classic silhouette made modern with lambskin leather, perfect for the edgy bride inspired by romance and glamour for her wedding day. 

Did you know corsets are also great for when you are riding as it supports your spine and holds your posture, making your figure look amazing as you zoom past.

Pair this look with white leather trousers for an edgy rock-chic inspired look, or go fully classic with ball gown white tulle skirt.

Corset Bride Look #2 - “Badass Babe in Black”

gothic wedding corset

Many brides have been opting for an all-black or white/black wedding outfit - super on trend - just look at Say Yes to the Dress - and you can have the look, too.  

You’re a classic gothic bride when you doin this buckled leather corset, paired with white wedding skirt, trouser or go all black instead. Paired with a lovely lace veil headpiece.

Can’t decide between white or black? Why not both?

Corset Bride Look #3: Black & White Beauty

black and white gothic corset

Victorian style black and white corset

Corset Bride Look #4: “BlackPink ”

the black and pink gothic corset

Black and pink combo colors of this satin overbust corset is fashion forward, more than just the Korean mega girl group, with the right mix of biker and class, satin and stripes ! For the bride that means business - “I Do, or else!” 

Go ultra feminine with a pastel pink skirt or trousers to complete the look.

Corset Bride Look #5 - Floral Queen

When you think of weddings, are flowers more your vibe? You could go the other way and opt for a floral brocade corset with frill by Corsettery.

Pair it with softer touches like flowers and lace on your train, a shorter skirt or even white trouser pants as you straddle your wedding ride without worry.

Get more information and tips about wedding corsets here. 

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