Corsettery corset store

Our shop sells corsets with some historical associations and patterns but according to modern fashion look making them authentic and actual in recent times. Each corset is made by hand by one corsetier from start to finish. It takes up to 9 hours of work.

Our goal is to make a wish of every woman in the USA and Canada to have the corset of her dreams come true. We are happy to work personally with every client and to find out what is the most suitable and perfect corset exactly for you. We do our best to make our quality top of the top at the level of luxury corsetmakers of the world and we are controlling our prices extremely tough to allow every woman to buy authentic and high quality corset.

We offer you opportunity to return and change your corset in a month after you have recevied it because we want you to shine and feel the most wonderful and comfortable in the world. But we kindly ask you to safe all labels, tags and package. We adore our work and we are trying to be flexible and improve every day. We love your opinions and we will be happy to see photos of corsets of your dream if we still don’t have them in our collections!