Mermaid Corset Dress

I am Irina Pyleva, the author of this Mermaid Corset Dress. One day I was planning a trip to Italy. It was winter and the plan was to live in Umbria in the monastery that was turned into a deluxe hotel. And I could not go there without some special corset to have a little photoshoot. The grey and breathtaking winter Umbria and walls of the monastery were inspiring for something that would have perfect hourglass shapes and at the same time would fit into the atmosphere.

That is how our famous Mermaid Corset dress was invented. My Italian one was made of a super fashionable liquid metal violet fabric that reflected the sky and underlined the curves and it was a perfect match to my amazing spinel earrings.

Gothic corset dress

gothic corset dress

Was not surprising at all that after photos at the garden of the ancient monastery with several castles in the background, all lovers of the gothic fashion of the world would be thrilled about this dress. 

 We have created this dress in all colors of velvet and it has taken part in art projects all over the world! 

dark fashion velvet dress

Miss Mandy Motionless at the cover of the magazine wearing this corset dress in maroon velvet. It was an extremely brave and scary photoshoot, do you see the coffin behind?

maroon gothic velvet dress
Gothic velvet dress

This velvet corset dress looks like a dress that came to us from old stories about Vampires and Dracula. That is why it was chosen for photoshoots at ancient places, architecture sights, and even historical cemeteries.

The famous Gothic model from Ireland Lilith Vampyre has chosen it for her walk around the historical ancient cemetery. And we find this set of photos just incredible!

gothic velvet dress

gothic dress

Gothic velvet dress

 The look of this dress is so perfect for old-fashioned styles that it is not surprising that this design was chosen to participate in the art photo project supporting the Historical Heritage of Turkey. For the opening of the one more Cistern at the old part of Istanbul, the dark green velvet dress was chosen. The photo was made by the Russian fashion Photographer Tatiana Sayko, model Model Yasmeen Najmanova.

This is just a little list of photos and projects that this amazing corset dress took part in.