Leather Corsets

Premium quality bespoke steel-boned corsets created from incredible hand-dyed real leather (lambskin authentic made to measures corset by Corsettery USA).
We have created an amazing collection of all possible styles, colors, and designs of leather corsets:
- underbust and waist leather corsets
- leather waspie corsets
- overbust corsets
- leather dresses 
- long leather corsets
- leather corset collars for neck
Real leather gothic corset
At our Corset Shop you will be able to purchase:
- high-quality gothic corsets 
- leather corsets for tight-lacing
- steampunk corsets from real leather and suede
- classic leather corsets of all possible colors (black, red, white, light pink, brown real leather, light green, and other exclusive shades)
styling of brown leather corset