Quality of Our Corsets

Our corset store offers top quality corsets in the USA. Each corset is handmade by the same master from the start till the end. It may take up to 12 hours to produce one corset.

 high quality corsets

There are several layers of special corset materials:

1. the inner side is a thin top quality cotton,

2. then the lining materials,

3. cover of corset is special corset fabrics that are designed for tightening,

4. all corsets have high quality stainless steel bones.

 corsets usa

Our corsets are authentic corsets with steel bones, inside they have thin cotton layer. That is why some #styles can be quite heavy.

plus size waist training corset

On the photo we show black plus size satin underbust corset with double row of bones and it is up to 33 oz (nearly 1 kg) of weight.

leather corsetsreal leather corsets

We are using only top quality materials and authentic sheep leather. The factories we work with are manufacturing leather of different colors in several generations. We believe that historical clothing should have history in each detail and you will be sure we offer you the best leather corsets. 

waist training corset

Each corset has special tape inside for effective waist training.

 waist training cotton corset

When the corset is finished we check its quality carefully several times to be sure that you will receive the best quality corset ever (double row boned underbust waist training corset on the picture).

How to Recognize a High Quality Corset

If you’re looking for a corset, you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality you can. Here are some tips on how to recognize a high quality corset:

1. Check the seams - A high quality corset will have tight and even stitching, without any loose threads.

2. Look for boning - Look for boning in the corset. This will give the corset structure and help it to keep its shape.

3. Feel the fabric - High quality corsets are usually made of heavy-weight fabrics, such as silk or satin. The fabric should feel smooth and strong.

4. Check the lacing - The lacing should be strong, with metal grommets and good quality laces.

5. Look for a lining - A good quality corset should have a lining. This will help to keep the corset in shape and will make it more comfortable to wear.

6. Check the construction - Look for a corset that is well-constructed, with no visible flaws or weak spots.

By following these tips, you should be able to recognize a high quality corset. Investing in a good quality corset will ensure that you get a product that is comfortable and will last for many years.