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Very comfortable

Absolutely love my waspie, super comfortable and easy to wear!

Meh. Fit is great, Quality is not.

Its okay. The front boning doesn't extend all the way to the top, so no matter how tight it is laced the top flares out in a really weird way. There is at least a full inch at the top that has no support. Even under clothing its really obvious. I am going to try to think up a way to fix it. Until then I guess I won't be wearing the corset. Also, and this isn't a fault of the corset just something to keep in mind, the front does not have a split busk. In order to get the corset over my big ol' butt I had to completely unlace, put it on, and re-lace. Very time consuming.

I love this waspie corset!

I wore this with jeans and tank. It looks great and definitely kept my waist tiny. At the same time i was comfortable enough to dance in. Plan to buy another waspie corset, love the look!

beautiful workmanship, great customer service

I ordered the pink brocade corset, but ordered a couple of sizes too small. my fault, as I did not measure. The exchange was smooth. The corset is GORGEOUS! I ordered another one, for more daily use, to train my waist. I am excited to get that one as well. Great quality. I have yet to wear my corset but can already tell it is very well made. Thank you.


I've been looking for a corset like this for a long time and happy to have found one! Thanks so much!

Love it!

Thank you so much, love it! It's gorgeous and I look forward to using it for a variety of outfits for a long time. :)

The corset is well made and comfortable! I'm awaiting the second one blk underbust.

The best fabric face mask

I trust the SilverPlus technology being a sportsman, so I was looking for a mask made of this fabric and made in USA. On my opinion this mask is the best of all fabric masks on the market and one of the most affordable

Cut the cups

As a corset bodice, I absolutely love it! I will definitely purchase from them again in the future, but the cups on this were atrocious! Idk if they fit better on heavier chested women. I am a C cup and my breast were swiiiming in them. I cut them about halfway down the cup and hemmed it down and I love the way it fits.
Also, this silhouette is awesome! If they decide to make another style with this dropped waist, I would totally buy it!

The best made in USA masks for small business

It is very easy and comfortable to wear and it is the best solution by far for small business and people wearing a mask all day long! Thank you

Very good

The corset is very well made and fits really good, like a tailored piece

Good mask

The only problem I found with the mask was measuring and tying The strings to the right size to make it fit me.

Purchasing more of masks

Received this lot of masks and I am really happy about them! They are super light, very comfortable to wear all day at work. Thanks a lot!

Cool design

Masks are very simple and affordable, very suitable for summer heat. I love the idea with ear loops.

Very beautiful corset

This corset is so so beautiful! The shade of pink is bright and delicate, the craftsmanship is on a very high level. I am extremely pleased with this purchase

Very good

Corset was made to measures and shipped very fast, quality is incredible!

Love this corset

I love so much the shape and fitting of this corset. Fabric is very smooth and beautiful, work is outstanding.

Perfect choice for every small business

Great super affordable made in USA masks for small USA business, very fast shipping! I appreciate this product so much. Thanks

Easy to breath and affordable

Great quality of work, made in USA, super affordable masks, received very fast

I love the adjustable earloops idea!

Brilliant and simple design and amazing idea of earloops that can be adjusted, I can use them both for myself and for my son. Thanks so much for selling these masks. I have already recommended them to several friends of mine


Love this mask, it has a great shape, stylish design and the ribbons are looking just cool!

A pleasure to wear this corset

Such a beautiful and qualuty corset. The leather is comfortable to wear and very soft to touch, arrived on time made to my measures. It was a center of attention, so I am very pleased with purchased.

Great fitting and comfortable masks

If you have to go out and about and need a mask I strongly suggest these awesome masks from @corsettery they are super soft and actually pretty comfortable!
Michelle @shellbellepinup

Amazing corset!

It took nearly 2 weeks after the order for me to receive the parcel. For sure the best corset from all I own, the velvet color is incredible, the fitting and quality is perfect.