Cosplay Corsets Ideas

We in Corsettery love cosplayers! Their creativity and the way how they are styling their outfits are the source of unlimited inspiration and love. Sometimes the cosplay can be created using just a regular corset from our store.

Steampunk Snow White

Steampunk Snow White Cosplay (our regular leather corset of a yellow color was used)

red leather overbust corset

Wonder Woman cosplay created by our amazing customer using Red leather corset 

But for some costumes we have created our versions of high quality corsets.

1. Ciri Cosplay Corset is made of a real high quality hand dyed leather with steel bones inside. The craftsmanship of this corset is exceptional and will help to be in a center of attention.


2. The Angel Dust Cosplay corset (that is on the cover) is also created using the best corset making materials, the straps and belts are made from real high quality leather. Each corset is made to measure.

plus size Angel Dust Cosplay corset

3. We have created a high quality real leather Captain America corset that has been loved by cosplayers all over the world! 

captain america corsetCaptain America corset

4. Beautiful and cute Draculaura is one of the cutest girls in the recent cartoons! We could not miss opportunity to make her dress! It is made of satin with real leather bows. The Draculaura corset can be purchased here.

Draculaura corset

If you are looking for a big amount of corsets for your photo studio or friends or project etc, take a look at our Wholesale Corsets Program to get your discount.


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