Black Leather Corsets - From Eternal Classic to Dark Gothic

Black leather is a brave statement and the way to stand out. At the same time black leather can be a good choice for a casual look. It all depends upon styling and accessories. It is very common to see trousers, skirts, jackets and even shirts made of this material, but still not everyone has an idea about how to wear black leather corset.

The waist underlined by a high quality leather corset is showing to the world your strong views and position in life. Coming from a male warrior clothes of antient times, corset, especially from leather, is helping to open and resource your Amazon or even Wizard side that in Jungian Psychology are very powerful female archetypes. 

Black Leather Corset in everyday fashion.

Can black leather corset become a casual and fashionable piece of your wardrobe and how to make a really good investment buying it? Good investment about clothes means that piece of clothes you are purchasing will be worn a lot (for example you spend $200 on a piece of clothes and will wear it at least for 5 years 10 times a year, it means that you spent around $4 for each time, that for a really high quality piece of clothes is incredible. On another side, you may buy a $45 corset from fake leather made in China from Amazon, the corset will be of a very poor quality and will look poor, you probably will be able to wear it maybe 2 times before it is broken - read more about our quality compared to cheap corsets - that will mean that you spent around $22,5 for each time of wearing something that looks really cheap)

real leather corsets

Also to be confident that you are making a good purchase for a long term, better to choose classic (basic) options.

Here are several amazing basic black leather corsets:

1. Classic black leather waspie belt.  (on the cover)

Basically it is a more advanced option of a regular leather belt but more stylish, fancy and exclusive. You can style it the same way as use would style your wide belt depending upon the fashionable tendencies.

2. Classic Overbust Victorian corset.

classic leather corset

Thic corset has more structured shape, triangle Victorian bottom and heart top. 

3. More sweet heart corset with soft lines.

classic basic leather corset

This shape of overbust corset is more suitable for basic looks, it is easier to style it, it fits to almost all skirts and trousers or even above dresses. Depending upon trends of a period you can add different shapes of jackets and shoes to change you look. 

High Quality Black Leather - Gothic Chic Accessory.

It is very easy to make your Alt or Gothic outfit to look vulgar or cheap. If every detail of your makeup, accessories, clothes is of exceptional quality you can create the gothic look of the super high standarts that may become iconic.

From our side, we have prepared some outstanding black leather gothic corsets: from classic to exclusive.

1. Buckles and metal underbust vest corset with shoulder straps.

gothic leather corset vest

2. Overbust black leather corset with metal and buckles.

overbust black leather corset

3. Exclusive leather and brocade gothic corset in classic underbust style.

underbust gothic corset

4. The overbust gothic corset with collar 

black leather gothic corset

You may find more gothic corset options of all different styles and fabrics here.

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