Waist Training with a Corset - Is It Real?

The idea of waist training with the help of corset came to me when I happily returned back home from hospital where my dear daughter was born. I looked at my body and realized that I need to do something with it. Physical trainings are banned for first 2-3 months so I didn't know what to do and started to read and found that reducing of waist can be caused also by wearing corset.

waist training corset

Underbust mesh waist training corset

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When I decide something usually it takes me some time to make all needed researches about this questions. So what are main things about real waist training corsets?
1. Corset should be steel-boned. Steel bones that are used for corsets are usually spiral iand also flat in front (busk pannels) and at the back (inforcing your lacing). Plastic bones can be easy broken and won't shape you at all. Such corset may give only 2cm of tightening in the best case and it is honest to call it "corsage".

waist training corsets
2. Corset should be made from real corset hight quality fabrics. Sometimes you may find really cheap corsets that are made in China that may even contain real steel bones. But only bones are totally not enough because if the fabric of corset is bad corset will be spoiled after you try to tight it.

waist training with corset
3. Lining materials. The best real corsets that can provide you real tightening have quality thick cotton lining inside. This fabric is friendly to your body and also will protect corset from deformation. Also between inner material and cotton there must be special lining fabric. Make sure that corset you buy for waist training has inner waist tape that will additionally prevent corset from deformation.
4. How much can I tight? It depends upon your own body and sizes. In two words if you are slim and have mostly bones you will be able to tight corset on maybe 4-6 inches maximum. But good news is that for plus sized women especially after pregnancy there is almost no limits. My friend of 45.5 inches waist bought underbust corset with double row of bones with waist of 35 inches and she is wearing it almost tighten till the end!

waist training waspie corset
5. So about rows of bones. It all depends on your wish. If you ar slim and want to waist train or if you are plus size and want to tight very much of course it is better to choose corset with double row of bones like for example Corsettery mesh underbust style. If you just want tight corset on 4-6 inches you may choose corset with one row of bones.
6. Styles of corsets. My personal choice for waist training are underbust Corsettery corsets, because of my belly I love that underbust corset is covering and tightening it and I look very slim. If I were slim I would pick up waist corset.
7. When do you need to buy custom made corset? Not all people have regular proportions of body. So, on my opinion, think about custom made size of corset that will be fit in bust or in hips, or maybe if you want really thin waist. Usually regular size of waist ends at 20 inches but I know people who wear 15 inches corsets.

the set of waist training corsets

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8. Do I need corset with cups? My personal like is a style of corset with inner seen cups. It is almost the same as just underbust corset but with added cups so you can make waist of corset suitable for your own body and order any size of cups suitable to your bust size.

plus size waist training corset
9. Before you wear your corset out where you won't be able to take it off try it at home. Better wear it for several days just like your new shoes.
10. What material to choose for waist training? I think that the best are satin, cotton and microfiber. It is not great idea to use real leather or vinyl corset for tightening on more than 6 nches because material is just very tender even if it has all needed inner lining layers.

waist training corset for tight lacing
So my main thoughts are: choose only hight quality corset of steel bones, it is always not cheaper than $80. Better one time buy high quality corset than to be dissapointed in all corsets and spend money on cheap. Think what goals do you have buying corset (tightning, waist training, decorative), do you want to wear it on cloths or under. Better find good corset maker that will make you custom made corset by your own measurements. 

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