Creating a Dream With Corsettery

Roberta Lavicci is a world wide high end fashion project that involves models, stylists and photographers all over the world. The brand itself guarantees the highest magazine quality level of travel photography.

In collaboration with Corsettery was created a fairy tail dress made of sky blue flying satin and mirror silver PVC Corsettery corset. Corset was created using the historical patterns that we have found at the A&V Museum in U.K. and silver mirror PVC material is adding a modern look of empowered modern woman, a feminine warrior of the recent days to the conception of corset itself.

photoshoots in Cappadocia

One of the most incredible and not very well known location in Turkey - Salda lake also known as Turkish Maldives because of the asure colors of the water, white shores and bright blue sky was chosen for this incredible photoshoot to create a fairy tail in a real world.

photoshoot in Turkey

The mirror material of the corset is reflecting sky and water and the dress fabric is shining under the sunlight that creates the unrealistic and breathtaking view.

Photography by Tatiana Sayko 

Model Nadezhda Yaseneva

Roberta Lavicci - Dresses and photography 

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