Leather Corset. Tips For Buying and Wearing.

Leather is extremely popular and fashionable all the time. Bright complicated leather dresses, tops, skirts, shorts appear in the collections of top designers such as Louis Vuitton, Zac Posen, D&G, Matthew Williamson, Nina Ricci, Hermes, Blumarine, Lanvin, Dsquared2, Valentino, Giles, Patrizia Pepe, Oscar de la Renta, Balmain every year.

leather corsets
It is not a question already that every fashion girl has in her closet some piece of top quality leather clothing. A lot of reviews are created about wearing leather skirts or dresses. But can a leather corset become a part of wardrobe of fashionable part of ladies in the USA? What are special tips and advices for wearing this not very simple thing? Corsettery offers a huge variety of styles and colors of leather corsets and gives advices about wearing them.
1. Leather is natural and comfortable breathing material, so choosing corset be sure that it has cotton lining that will be comfortable to wear. Leather corset will be comfortable and will suit your own body like high quality shoes. Lace leather corset carefully not to damage leather by lacing.

Leather corset
2. Choose leather corset with high quality lining fabrics, with reinforced by extra steel boned lacing and with special waist tape inside because leather is very tender material and can be easy damaged if you tight corset of low quality.
2. Pick up leather of not only regular colors like black or red, be creative, especially at warm seasons: pink, green, white. Bright leather corset for casual everyday wearing is the great way to show your style and individuality.

Leather corset
3. Leather corset is luxury and elegant top for wedding gown. Don't think only about white corset for this, it can be even red or pink. Use waist leather corset of white or black leather as the belt for your wedding dress.

wedding leather corset
4. Hard rock or punk styled corset is fashionable and unusual analogue of rock leather jacket. Try to wear it with light flighty skirts.
5. Create fashionable high waisted silhouette with the help of corset and wear skirt, shorts or trousers above corset.
6. Try your waist corset as a belt with dresses and skirts.

Leather corset belt
7. Individualize your leather corset making a bit used look by small scuff. Decorate waist of corset with tiny belt or bow from wide silk or chiffon scarf.
8. Wear leather corsets with romantic accessorizes as perls, flowers, bright big gemstones, shiny bags.

pinup leather corset
9. What fabrics are suitable to leather corset? Silk and chiffon, denim, satin with flower print, laced and embroidered skirts and jackets.

real leather gothic corset


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