Plus Size Corset - What Can You Expect?

Corseted clothes are an amazing choice for plus size women.  Corsets can be worn under clothes or above to create a conspicuous and beautiful waistline.  At Corsettery, we have super high quality corsets special with double rows of bones for extra support and waist reducing.

Plus size corsets USA

Corset from the cover is Overbust Classic Satin Corset with Drapery.

Below are two pictures of a beautiful plus size women.  In this first picture without the waist training corset, her waist looks quite ordinary.  In the second photo though, she is wearing our classic underbust corset (size regular 5XL) with a double rows of bones and look at the amazing different.  Her beautiful curve has returned.  This is a woman who has never waist trained or even worn a corset before.  Over time of waiting training, her shape and figure will get even better and better.  Corset from the photo is Underbust Steel-boned Satin Corset.

plus size corset

A few tips for buying plus size corsets

  • The size and fitting is very important.  With Corsettery it is easier than ever before! Just fill in the notes form with your natural measurements according to this guide and in around 10 working days your made to measure corset will be ready. plus size corset
  • You may choose size with bigger reducing that in small sizes. Usually we recommend 4 inches of tightening but with plus sizes you may easily choose 5-6 inches or even  more (you may leave us the waist of corset that you wish to have - not less than 4 inchess smaller than natural).

Plus size corsets USA

  • The quality of corset is one of the main things to pay attention especially for a pluz size lady! Corset should be steel-boned, firm, hourglass shaped. Because a bad quality corset may even make you look worse. At the photo you may see a made to measure Corsettery brocade corset on the left and the cheap Chinese corset from Amazon on the right. stesroc Sizeezis PlussulP TheehT
  • Corsets take a little time to mold and shape to your body so be patient.  Start with wearing only for a short time and build up as the corset molds to your body. Just like new shoes start to wear corset for 30 minutes a day and then make this time longer.tesroc overbusttsubrevo ClassiccissalC

One more example of exceptional fitting of Corsettery overbust classic corset on a beautiful plus size lady. 

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Plus size corsets Corsettery

Plus Size Corsets: Tips for a Perfect Fit

Whether you’re wearing a corset for fashion or to shape and support your curves, getting the perfect fit is essential. Plus size corsets are designed to fit and flatter larger, curvier figures, but the key to the perfect fit is knowing your size and taking into account the different styles available. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect plus size corset for your body.

1. Measure Yourself: Before you start shopping for a plus size corset, it’s important to measure yourself. Take note of your bust, waist and hip measurements so you can find the size that best fits you. You can also use a measuring tape to measure your torso length from the base of your neck to the top of your hips. This will help you find a corset that is the right length for your body.

2. Choose the Right Style: There are several different styles of plus size corsets available, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your body shape. Overbust corsets are great for those with a larger bust, as they provide extra support and can also be used to shape and enhance your curves. Underbust corsets are ideal for those with a smaller bust, as they provide more freedom of movement and can be worn with different tops.

3. Consider the Fabric: The fabric of your corset is also important, as different fabrics can provide different levels of support and comfort. Cotton corsets are lightweight and breathable, while satin corsets are often more luxurious and offer more support. It’s also important to consider the boning of the corset, as steel boning can provide more support and structure than plastic boning.

4. Wear it Right: Once you’ve found the perfect plus size corset for your body, it’s important to wear it correctly. Start by loosening the laces and fastenings at the back of the corset. Then, slowly start to pull the laces tighter until the corset fits comfortably. Be sure not to pull the corset too tight, as this can cause discomfort and restrict your breathing.

With these tips, you can be sure to find the perfect plus size corset for your body. Remember to measure yourself, choose the right style, consider the fabric and wear it correctly for a comfortable and flattering fit.

Plus size corsets Corsettery

Plus Size Corsets: Tips for Choosing the Right Material

Plus size corsets are a popular fashion choice for women of all sizes. They come in a variety of materials, each with its own unique benefits. In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your corset, here are a few tips to help you choose the right material for your plus size corset.

1. Choose a Breathable Material: When choosing a plus size corset, it’s important to make sure the material is breathable. Breathable materials, such as cotton and silk, will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

2. Consider the Durability: Durable materials, such as leather, are ideal for plus size corsets as they will last longer and provide better support. However, if you’re looking for something more lightweight and comfortable, then fabrics such as nylon and spandex may be better options.

3. Consider the Style: The style of your corset will also be an important factor in deciding which material to choose. For example, if you’re looking for a more traditional look, then a corset made of satin or velvet may be a better choice than a corset made of latex or leather.

4. Consider the Cost: Plus size corsets come in a variety of price ranges. If you’re on a budget, then fabrics such as cotton and satin may be more affordable than leather. However, if you’re looking for something more luxurious, then leather or brocade may be the better option.

By following these tips, you should be able to find the perfect plus size corset for you. Remember to take your time when choosing the right material, as this will help ensure that you get the most out of your corset.Plus size corsets USA

Get your own made to measure authentic plus size corset!

Plus size corsets have gained popularity in recent years as a fashionable and functional garment for women of all sizes. A corset is a garment that is worn around the torso to shape and support the body, often with the intention of creating a more hourglass-like silhouette.

Traditionally, corsets were worn as undergarments to shape and support the body under clothing. However, they have now become a fashionable outer garment in their own right and are often worn as part of a wider outfit, such as a full corset dress.

Plus size corsets are a great option for women who want to achieve a more defined waist and hourglass figure, but may feel self-conscious about their size. These corsets are designed specifically to fit and flatter larger bodies, providing support and shaping without causing discomfort or constriction.

There are many different styles of plus size corsets available, ranging from classic and traditional to more modern and edgy designs. Some popular styles include steel boned corsets, waist training corsets, and overbust corsets.

Steel boned corsets are made with steel boning, which provides extra support and shaping to the corset. They are often more structured and give a more dramatic silhouette. Waist training corsets, on the other hand, are designed to be worn for extended periods of time to gradually shape and train the waist. Overbust corsets cover the bust and extend over the shoulders, providing support and shaping to the upper body as well as the waist.

Plus size corsets can be worn for a variety of occasions, from formal events to everyday wear. They can be dressed up with skirts, a skirt, or even paired with jeans and a top for a more casual look.

When shopping for a plus size corset, it is important to consider the fit and comfort of the garment. Look for corsets with adjustable lacing or sizing options, and make sure to try on different sizes to find the best fit. It is also important to choose a corset that is made with high-quality materials, such as sturdy steel boning and breathable fabrics, to ensure durability and comfort.

In conclusion, plus size corsets are a fashionable and functional garment for women of all sizes. They provide support, shaping, and a defined waistline, and can be dressed up or down for a variety of occasions. When shopping for a plus size corset, be sure to consider the fit, comfort, and quality of the garment.

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  • I think it’s great that there are more options available for plus size individuals to feel confident and sexy in lingerie. It’s important for all body types to have access to clothing that makes them feel good about themselves, and it’s good to see that the fashion industry is starting to recognize this. However, I do think it’s important to remember that corsets, like all forms of tight-fitting clothing, can be potentially harmful if worn too tightly or for extended periods of time. It’s always a good idea to listen to your body and take breaks if you feel any discomfort while wearing a corset.

    Linda on
  • As a plus size individual, I am so happy to see an article about plus size corsets! It can be difficult for those of us in larger sizes to find fashionable and supportive undergarments, and corsets are no exception. It’s great to see that there are now more options available for plus size individuals, as corsets can be a fantastic way to add shape and support to any outfit. Thank you for highlighting the importance of inclusivity in the fashion industry, and for providing information on the different materials and styles available in plus size corsets. I can’t wait to try one out for myself!

    Tori on
  • I recently purchased a plus size corset from Corsettery and I am extremely happy with my purchase. The corset fits well and provides a comfortable and secure fit, thanks to the adjustable lacing and flexible boning. The corset also helps to enhance my curves and create a more hourglass figure, which is exactly what I was looking for.

    I appreciate the attention to detail and high-quality materials used in the construction of the corset. It’s clear that a lot of care went into designing and manufacturing this product.

    I would highly recommend plus size corsets to any woman looking to enhance their curves and create a desired silhouette. They are comfortable, stylish, and well worth the investment.

    Sandy Lee on
  • Overall, I have had a positive experience with plus size corsets. I have found that they provide a comfortable and secure fit, and are effective at enhancing my curves and creating a desired silhouette. The adjustable lacing and flexible boning make it easy to get a perfect fit, and the supportive underwire provides additional support and shaping.

    One of the things I like most about plus size corsets is their versatility. I can wear them under clothing as a shape-enhancing garment, or as a sexy and stylish lingerie piece. They are also available in a wide range of styles and designs, so I can choose one that complements my body type and personal style.

    One of the only drawbacks I have encountered with plus size corsets is that it can be challenging to find one that fits well. It’s important to carefully measure your waist and hips and choose a size that is appropriate for your body. It’s also a good idea to try on a few different styles and brands to find the one that works best for you.

    Overall, I would highly recommend plus size corsets to any woman looking to enhance her curves and create a desired silhouette. Just be sure to choose a corset that fits well and is made from high-quality materials for the best results.

    Amanda on

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