The Plus Size Adoration

My beloved Mom was a plus size lady, but with an inimitable sense of style. And I was watching for all my childhood how complicated was for her to find beautiful and fitting outfits. And I remember her pain when she couldn't get the outfit she loved because of stupid size limitations! And my Dad (and his Mom was a tailor and a model in a USSR atelier) used to tell about it: "It is very easy to make a dress for a streight standart body, but it is very hard to create a perfect fitting dress for a woman with not a standart sizes and to show here beauty". And when I grew up, left my legal practice and started my own clothes brand, the main for me was: we will never have any limitations! And if I can't fit a piece of clothes on a woman it is not her issue, it means I am a bad professional. When we started Corsttery with Robert and he asked me (as a professional business founder): what will be our main vision? I said: we will be flexible, we will make corsets to every woman and man of the world and they will always feel cared and loved and respected.

Plus size corset

Our goals was to show and underline the beauty of everyone who is willing to wear corset. I am proud to be friends with these people, I feel happiness discussing their creative ideas and I feel I am deeply involved with every person. It is extremely important for me to show the beauty of everyone. That's why sometimes we are making corsets of 16" waist and sometimes way way bigger than a size you may find in a store.

Plus size corset

And the main thing is - it is all in just a simple online store of corsets! You don't have to go to the tailor to get your bespoke peace for several hundreds of dollars. Now you just have an easy way to give your measurements and in a couple of weeks you will receive your perfect fitting corset. Here is more about how we have achieved this. 

plus size fashion

I love to feel that each person is a wonderful individual with amazing sides and talents and sometimes it takes just a tiny bit of attention or care from somebody to show this side to the world. And I love that we have created a company where we are helping every person of every size to feel that there is no limits! I know for sure that we have helped a lot of dreams of a lot of beautiful people to come true and I am confident that we will continue.

Plus size

Plus size leather corset

Since the time we launched Corsettery world started to change and since that time the bodypositive movement started to be stronger, and people of all different genders and sizes are able now to wear everything they want. And I feel proud that a tiny little drop into this changes was dropped by Corsettery.

Plus size fashion

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  • I recently had the opportunity to order a made-to-measure plus size corset and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The process of having the corset custom made was seamless and the end result was a perfect fit.

    I appreciated the opportunity to customize the style and design of the corset to suit my personal taste and body type. The corset fits like a glove and provides excellent support and shaping for my waist and torso.

    One of the standout features of the made-to-measure corset is the high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The corset is well-constructed and feels durable and long-lasting.

    Overall, I would highly recommend a made-to-measure plus size corset to any woman looking for a custom fit and high-quality product. The investment is worth it for the perfect fit and long-lasting wear.

    Tanya on

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