The Magic of Italian Fitting

Some time ago when I started the corset business I have noticed this huge difference in shape that gives the bespoke tailored corset and a corset that people can just purchase online or in a regular store. It made me really sad to understand that to create a truly hourglass shapes people should probably go to the tailor personally, make at least 3 fitting appointments and pay several hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In other case the corset that they would receive would look like a straight shapeless tube, will be uncomfortable to wear and perhaps will have sick fitting in the chest and bust area. My goal was to create the perfect tailored made to measure shape, save the quality and not to lift the price, so women from all over the world would be able to experience the beauty of wearing a real corset. And I started my researches.

Since that time I visited numerous costumes and history of costumes museums and exhibitions, I have tried on and modeled hundreds of corsets myself, I have dressed thousands of women. And I had several educational experiences in the heart of fashion and couture in Italy.

Dior ExhibitionDior Exhibition in Paris

I have studies in couture schools, ateliers, had private classes from Italian tailors, Italy turned into my second home, I learned its art and history, I learned how to cook Italian food and I learned how to build Italian clothes. I have learned the Italian pattern making method "without calculations" created by Gaetano Guarino in the 50s.

The process of making a couture dress in ItalyThe finished dress All Handmade dress

I had created several collections of the couture dresses, some of them are made without any pattern making and machine stitching (all by hands). I needed to understand the art of creating a shape from a flat piece of paper or fabric, this magic of making a shape of a human body from a paper without any calculations was hypnotizing for me. And I built this into our amazing worldwide corsets brand.

Studying in ItalyItalian training

I intuitively can feel and see looking at your measurement how each type of the corset will look and fit personally on you (even if I have never seen you). So right now I take your numbers, that is very easy for you to take just at home with a simple measuring tape, and use a special formula that I have created to achieve the true tailored fitting that can be created by the tailor. And that's how our customers receive their corsets that are fitting "like a glove" and are "the most comfortable in the world".

And now we can say proudly that Corsettery is making corsets that are among the best in the world.

You may see how one and the same corset design - our classic underbust mesh corset is fitting different people.

Perfect fitting corsetBuy corset

Bespoke corsetUnderbust waist training corset


The overbust corsets on different beautiful corset lovers.

Plus size corsetOverbust mesh corsetVintage overbust corsetPlus size pinup corsetGothic overbust corsetPlus size overbust corsetOverbust vintage corset

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