Made to measure plus size corsets: mistakes to avoid

Ordering a made-to-measure tight-lacing corset for plus-size individuals can be a rewarding experience when done correctly. To avoid common mistakes and ensure you receive the perfect corset, follow these guidelines:

1. Accurate Measurements:

  • Take precise measurements of your bust, waist, hips, and torso length. Use a soft measuring tape, and have a friend assist you for accuracy.
  • Measure your waist at the narrowest part, your hips at the fullest part, your bust at the fullest point, and your torso length from under the bust to the top of your hips.

2. Choose a Reputable Corset Maker:

  • Research and select a reputable corset maker with experience in creating plus-size tight-lacing corsets.
  • Read reviews, ask for recommendations, and review their portfolio to ensure their craftsmanship aligns with your preferences.

3. Consult with the Corset Maker:

  • Contact the corset maker to discuss your requirements and expectations. They can guide you through the customization process.
  • Provide them with your accurate measurements and discuss any specific concerns or preferences you have.

4. Customization Options:

  • Discuss customization options with the corset maker, including fabric choices, boning types (e.g., steel or spiral steel), busk style, lacing system, and modesty panel.
  • Consider design details like embroidery, lace, or other embellishments if desired.

5. Ask for a Mock-Up or Toile:

  • To ensure a perfect fit, inquire about the possibility of a mock-up or toile, which is a preliminary corset made from less expensive fabric.
  • This allows you to test the fit before the final corset is crafted.

6. Review the Measurements:

  • Double-check the measurements provided by the corset maker before they begin crafting your corset. Ensure they match your accurate measurements.

7. Be Patient and Allow Time:

  • Crafting a made-to-measure tight-lacing corset takes time, typically several weeks or even months, depending on the complexity.
  • Be patient and plan ahead, especially if you have a specific event in mind.

8. Clear Communication:

  • Maintain open and clear communication with the corset maker throughout the process. Ask questions and seek updates to ensure your expectations are met.

9. Fit Testing:

  • When you receive the final corset, perform a fit test. Ensure that it comfortably supports your body, properly cinches your waist, and allows for easy movement.
  • Check that the modesty panel covers the skin gap at the back.

10. Gradual Tight-Lacing: - If you're new to tight-lacing, start gradually and follow recommended guidelines for seasoning and breaking in your corset. Avoid extreme lacing initially.

11. Follow Care Instructions: - Adhere to the care instructions provided by the corset maker to maintain the corset's quality and longevity.

12. Embrace Professional Guidance: - Seek guidance from experts, such as experienced tight-lacers or corset enthusiasts, to ensure you're wearing and lacing your corset safely and effectively.

13. Build Confidence and Patience: - Tight-lacing takes time and dedication. Be patient with yourself and trust the process. It may take a while to achieve your desired results.

By following these steps and maintaining clear communication with the corset maker, you can avoid common mistakes and enjoy the benefits of a well-fitted made-to-measure tight-lacing corset that enhances your curves and provides comfort and support.

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