Emphasized Individualism and Equality

Individualism is the freedom of people to create, manifest, and do what they want independently and without limitations. 

Equality in front of the face of demonstration of your inner goals, beauty, and vision is able to open endless potential of development of every one of us in love, beauty, and freedom. A little piece of this huge puzzle is to create an environment where every one of us may choose what to wear according to our inner feeling and vision, but not according to external limitations. 

Made to measure corsets USA

In Corsettery Corsets, since the first day of our launch we are working on deleting the limitation of sizes, shapes, ages, and genders for people. We believe that people were born equal to live a happy life full of joy and freedom to create their own image of how they are willing to look and what they are willing to wear. And the sizes, age, or gender should be at the very end of the features that can influence that. The feeling of happiness and completeness inside should be in the first place. 

Plus size corsets USA and Canada

This campaign was launched to sing the joy of personality and beauty of every single person on this planet. No one can be judged or shamed for their look, age, gender, or skin color. And moreover, in Corsettery we are underlining that everyone can feel loved and accepted through personally made to measure a created piece of the corset. And the emotions of the moment when you put on your made-to-measure corset and see yourself in the mirror s hard to overestimate. This can be a healing and magic moment. 

Drag queen corset USA

Take a look at some backstage photos taken at the Corsettery Party, hosted in Canda by Jessica Carboni where each participant received their own personalized piece of the authentic corset by Corsettery.

Plus size corsets USA

Backstage photos by @elmphotos2019

Event hosted and photos by @polestarphotographyottawa

Steel-boned corsets Canada

Beautiful participants wearing their corsets


Wearing overbust mesh corset with cups

"I got to take part in a really fun project for @corsettery recently. The quality of their corset and the fact that they custom made it for my measurements meant despite my body being “disproportionate” it fit me like a glove.

As a fat woman who is considerably larger on my hips than my upper body finding clothing and lingerie sets has been an uphill battle. Finding a company that worked with my measurements after wanting a real corset for so long was amazing!"

Plus size steel-boned corsets


Wearing Floral mesh corset with cups

Corset shop USA


Wearing Corset vest covred with gold mesh

drag queen gothic corset


Wearing Green mesh underbust corset

Green waist training corset USA


Weaing Black mesh long underbust corset 

"I have owned and worn MANY corsets in my day, dating back to the early days if when I started wrestling.

This STUNNING @corsettery corset is beyond ANYTHING I could have ever imagined.
The feel, the look and design, the cut, and od course THE CONSTRUCTION is nothing short of masterful.
As someone who is over 6 foot tall and has a long torso, corsets always have a weird look on me, EXCEPT THIS ONE!!! I'M IN LOVE!!!!

Thank you @corsettery and @polestarphotographyottawa for hosting this incredible event."

Waist training fitness underbust corset USA


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