Meet Our Models: Nadezhda Yaseneva

Fashion photos in corsets made in a live beautiful nature landscapes are looking incredible. We had a goal to show you some of fashion looks in our corsets and underline the beauty and style. Nadezhda Yaseneva has created incredibly stylish photos at the legendary blue lake Saldo and pink sand Tuz. Corset used in the photoshoots is a mirror silver PVC overbust corset.

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Nadezhda Yaseneva is a luxury blogger of Turkey. She moved to Istanbul from Russia, Ekaterinburg in 2018. Now she is creating the most beautiful and glamorous blog about Turkey on Instagram - @nadezhdayaseneva. She is creating professional and beautiful fashion photos for her followers at the most incredible locations and Lux hotels around Turkey showing the country from a new perspective for a lot of people.

Nadezhda loves to be a model and to show beauty of Turkey, tell about life in Istanbul in her blog and about moving to Istanbul. She even made a guide about moving to Turkey with all cons and prons and lifehacks. Nadezhda makes her followers to fall in love with Turkey and also to love youself, to develop self confidence, inner beauty and sexuality.

Nadezhda has created us 2 sets of photos in collaboration with a fashion photographer Tatiana Sayko. The first photoshoot in Corsettery corset was made at the most deep lake of Turkey - Saldo. Light blue, azure colors of this lake are underlined by exceptional whiteness of the sand. This place is called Turkish Maldives. Silver corset with silk Roberta Lavicci flying skirt was a perfect match for this location.

fashion blogger Istanbul

At the pink lake Tuz Nadezhda had a photoshoot in Autumn. The pink sunset colors of the lake, sky and sand are looking perfect at the reflections of the mirror corset showing the beauty of the body and shapes.

silver corset

In this article you may see how corset can be used in fashion photography and styled in a unique and luxury way. 

If you are looking for more amazing locations in Turkey and inspiration photos take a look at the blog @nadezhdayaseneva 

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