Do you want your corset to be with dramatic hourglass curves?

Corset enthusiasts all over the world are looking for extreme hourglasses shapes, conical rib silhouettes and a curved waist line that can be made only with the help of a real steel boned corset. Corsettery offers individual sizing of corsets which means that we can create you a custom made corset to meet your exact specifications.  Plus, we have an experienced staff to help you chose the sizing that best fits the look you wish to achieve.  Our regular sizing are designed for those without significant experience of wearing corsets, so if you have been waist training for some time and/or want to train more intensively, please choose Individual Size under when you chose your size and we will assist you in creating the shape you wish.

Model from the Cover Miss Mandy Motionless

Corset from the cover Underbust mesh corset

The silhouette of the corset depends upon the difference between the waist and hip measurement.  So to increase the silhouette you can simply order a custom made corset with a larger difference between waist and hip.  For example, see the two pictures below.  The one on the right is a regular size with waistline of 24”.  The one on the left is a custom order with a further reduction of 2 inches in the waist (22” instead of 24”).  Notice how this custom order of only 2 inches can have a dramatic effect on the silhouette and look.   

hourglass waist training corset

Also note that the inner side of the corset is enforced in the waist by a special waist tape that creates additional support to help ensure that effectiveness of the waist line control.

To request bigger waist reduction of your corset leave us in the notes to your corset order your natural measurements according to our guide and the required corset waist.

made to measure corset


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