Corsets Bones.

One determinant of the quality of a corset is the bones that are used.  Cheap corsets often use plastic bones which have a tendency to break and not hold their shape.   Well made, high quality, authentic corsets are always created with steel bones. These steel bones increase the effectiveness of the corset in wait training and ensure that the corset will hold its shape and last for a long time.  This article looks into the nature of steel bones.  Each waist training corset has several kinds of bones inside.  The first are steel spiral bones (on the cover).  These bones form the shape of the corset and are integral to effective tightening and waist training.

 Second are spring flat spiral bones (see picture below).  These are used at the back of the corset to enforce the lacing so the corset won’t lose its shape or deform even after serious waist reducing.

corset steel bones

The back of an authentic real corset should look similar to this.

authentic steel boned corset

Third are the steel busks in the front of the corset (see below).  These busks are specially designed to sustain and strain when the corset is tighented.   

busk of corset

If a waist training corset is made correctly the back will look like 2 parallel lines connected by lacing even after serious waist reducing.

red overbust authentic corset

On the other hand, cheap plastic boned corset without enforcing bones and without special lining materials will be deformed easily even without intense tightening of corset.

cheap corset

As a result the fitting of the corset will be really poor and probably you will be able to wear it only once or twice maximum.

cheap corset

Corsettery at the left compared to cheap Chineese corset from Amazon (on the right).

Double bones or single?

Both single and double rows of boning corsets are great for waist training.   Single rows are usually best for moderate wait training or with smaller individuals.  Double rows of boning are best when the individual wants larger amounts of training (often 8 – 10 inches or more) or if the person is a plus size.



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