How to Choose a Corset?

Corsets are one of the most tempting and extremely trendy piece of clothes that appeared at the closet of the most of fashionistas of the world and it will keep rolling!

Corsettery corset shop has achieved the top quality and service by creating a special offer - made to measure affordable corset. Creating and selling corsets worldwide for more than 10 years, coowner and art director of Corsettery, Irina Pyleva is giving some tips of how to choose your corset. Also being a model and having more than 50 corsets herself and having thousands of women around the world dressed in her corsets, she is sharing her experience with you.

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1. To begin with, you need to answer the question: Why do you need a corset?
When I started to dream about my own corset many many yeats ago and didn't know where to get it, I simply wanted to try to cinch the waist with a classic waist black satin corset. I wanted to try waist training, but I didnt know how it was called (it was around 15 years ago). And most of the people are looking to buy a corset for waist training experience. We have made several options that are suitable for that.
1. The classic designed by Dior in the middle of the XX century waspie corset. A short corset of only 3 busks that is made to create a bigger difference between waist and hips that is so needed for the New Look. 
2. Mesh underbust corset created for tight lacing and waist training, so we have used high quality blend of cotton and poly to make a light weightening corset and at the same time firm. We have made mesh corsets on steel bones from a lot of colors and designs.
Waist training set of corsets
We have put the most popular waist training corsets into a special set of 3. So you can save 33% (that means 1 corset is a gift!).
For wearing corset as a top we have designed a lot of overbust corset options.
For taller people and shorter torsos. 
Classic corset that fits most of the people is the White cotton vintage corset. 
If you are looking for transparent corset to wear under clothes take a look at our mesh overbust corset.
All overbust corsets can be seen and ordered at is page.
We have incredible selection of all kinds of corset dresses. 
2. The second question is - what fabric of corset you are going to choose?
We have created corsets of all possible materials for different goals from shiny sequins, velvet and brocades till cotton, mesh and satins of all colors and of course real leather and PVC. It all depends only upon your choice.
But for every day wearing it is better to look at mesh and cotton corsets. 
Made to measure male corset
3. The regular size corset or a made to measure?
There is no even a question that all bodies and shapes are different and if you are able to invest extra 10-20 dollars into a made to measure piece from Corsettery you absolutely should do that. We have created a special formula that helps us easily and online to get your measurements and create your personally fitting premium quality corset. Why you need a made to measure corset? 
real leather corsetA real corset that is able to squeeze waist is not cheap. You may find some "looking good at the photo" corsets produced in China at different sites but they are not made for wearing for years and creating shape. So you are investing at least 80-100 dollars in your corset. For that money you are probably looking for something that will create a real hourglass shape and at the same time stay comfortable in hips and chest. The regular size corset that is created for just a quick sale will never be able to guarantee you that.
The chance that you will find yourself wearing a looking like a streight tube corset that makes hip bones aching is pretty high. And it is even if you are having a regular sizes. So 90% of corsets that we are selling are personally made to measures thats why you may see this tempting hourglass shape that can be created only by the bespoke corset.
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We are extremely proud to create one of the best quality corsets in the whole world and to make our prices affordable to anyone who is willing to have a real made to measure perfectly fitting corset. And our biggest pleasure is to receive wonderful words from our customers.

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