FAQs on Waist Training with Steel Boned Corsets

Q: What is waist training?
A: Waist training is a gradual process of wearing a steel boned corset to reduce the size of your waist. It is done by wearing the corset for a few hours a day, gradually increasing the amount of time you wear it until you reach your desired waist size.

Q: How long does it take to see results?
A: Waist training can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to see results, depending on the individual.

Q: Is waist training safe?
A: Yes, waist training is generally safe when done correctly. It is important to start slowly and gradually increase the amount of time you wear the corset, as well as to take breaks from wearing the corset.

Q: What type of corset should I use for waist training?
A: Steel boned corsets are the best type of corset for waist training. They are more supportive and durable than other types of corsets, and will help you achieve the best results.

waist training with corset

Q: How tight should I wear my corset for waist training?
A: You should wear your corset as tight as is comfortable, but not so tight that it is painful or causes difficulty breathing. You should also start with a looser fit and gradually tighten it as you become more accustomed to wearing the corset.


The diary of waist training with Corsettery corset.

Week 1

I'm starting my waist training journey with an underbust corset! I'm a bit nervous, but also excited to see the results. I'm starting out with a few hours a day, gradually increasing the amount of time I'm wearing the corset. I'm already noticing my back and posture improving, and I'm feeling more confident!

Week 2

I'm getting used to wearing the corset now and I'm feeling more comfortable. I'm up to about 8 hours a day, and I'm seeing a noticeable difference in my waist size. I'm starting to get compliments from friends and family, which is really motivating me to keep going!

Week 3

I'm really noticing the results now! I'm up to 12 hours a day and my waist is noticeably smaller. I'm feeling great and I'm loving the way I look. I'm starting to get more creative with my outfits and I'm feeling really confident.

Week 4

I'm really proud of myself for sticking with the waist training! I'm up to 16 hours a day and I'm seeing amazing results. I'm getting lots of compliments and I'm feeling more confident than ever. I'm excited to keep going and see how much smaller my waist can get!

Week 5

I'm almost done with my 3-month waist training journey! I'm up to 20 hours a day and I'm absolutely loving the results. I'm getting so many compliments and I'm feeling amazing. I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it and I can't wait to see the final results!

waist training with corset

Waspie corset on the photo

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