Elevating Personal Style: Tips for Personal Stylists on Utilizing Corsettery Corsets for Clients

As a personal stylist, your goal is to help clients express their unique style and feel confident in their appearance. Incorporating Corsettery corsets into your styling services can add a touch of elegance and individuality to any wardrobe. Not only do Corsettery corsets offer high quality and exclusive designs, but they also come with the added benefit of a 30% discount for bulk orders. In this article, we will provide valuable tips and advice on how personal stylists can effectively offer Corsettery corsets to their clients and capitalize on the financial benefits.

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  1. Understand Your Clients' Style and Preferences: Before introducing Corsettery corsets to your clients, take the time to understand their style preferences, body shape, and desired aesthetic. Consider their comfort level with wearing corsets and explore how corsets can enhance their personal style.


  • Conduct thorough style consultations to determine if corsets align with your clients' fashion goals and aspirations.
  • Show examples of how corsets can complement various outfits and occasions, from casual to formal wear.
  1. Educate Clients about the Benefits of Corsets: Many clients may be unfamiliar with the versatility and transformative power of corsets. Educate them about the benefits, such as accentuating the waistline, enhancing posture, and creating a polished silhouette. Highlight the uniqueness of Corsettery corsets, including their made-to-measure option and exclusive designs.


  • Prepare visual materials showcasing before and after transformations when wearing corsets to demonstrate their impact on body shape and overall appearance.
  • Emphasize the comfort and flexibility of Corsettery corsets, making them suitable for everyday wear or special occasions.
  1. Offer Personalized Styling Services: As a personal stylist, your expertise lies in curating personalized wardrobes that suit your clients' needs. Integrate Corsettery corsets into your styling services by incorporating them as statement pieces or foundational garments that can be layered or styled in different ways.


  • Create unique outfits by pairing Corsettery corsets with complementary pieces from your clients' existing wardrobes.
  • Provide guidance on how to mix and match corsets with different styles, such as casual, professional, or evening attire.
  1. Showcase Corsets on Social Media and Portfolio: Utilize social media platforms and your online portfolio to showcase the versatility and styling potential of Corsettery corsets. Share before and after photos, style inspiration, and success stories of clients who have incorporated corsets into their wardrobes.


  • Create captivating visual content featuring Corsettery corsets on models or clients to demonstrate their impact and versatility.
  • Encourage clients to share their corset-enhanced looks on their social media accounts, tagging your styling services and Corsettery for increased exposure.
  1. Financial Benefits of Bulk Orders: Take advantage of the 30% discount offered by Corsettery for bulk orders to benefit your business financially. By ordering in larger quantities, you can maximize your profit margins and offer competitive pricing to your clients.


  • Determine the most popular sizes and styles among your clients and place bulk orders accordingly to cater to their preferences.
  • Consider offering package deals that include Corsettery corsets as part of your styling services, enticing clients to invest in the overall experience.

Incorporating Corsettery corsets into your personal styling services can elevate your clients' wardrobes and enhance their self-expression. By understanding your clients' style, educating them about the benefits of corsets, offering personalized styling services, showcasing corsets in your online presence, and taking advantage of the 30% discount for bulk orders, you can provide an exceptional styling experience while maximizing your business's financial success.

Personal Stylist Clients Who Can Wear Corsets

  1. Bridal Clients: Approach: Connect with local bridal shops or attend bridal expos to establish partnerships. Offer personalized styling services for brides-to-be, showcasing how corsets can enhance their wedding day look. Negotiation: Offer package deals that include corset fitting and styling sessions. Emphasize the unique silhouette and elegance that corsets can bring to bridal gowns. Styling Tips: Style corsets with flowing skirts, lace overlays, or layered tulle for a romantic and whimsical bridal look.

  2. Burlesque Performers: Approach: Attend burlesque events or connect with local dance studios to build relationships with performers. Highlight how corsets can enhance their stage presence and emphasize their curves. Negotiation: Collaborate with performers to create custom corsets that reflect their unique style. Offer group discounts for dance troupes or ongoing styling services for regular performances. Styling Tips: Opt for bold colors, intricate details, and playful embellishments to match the performer's personality and the theme of their acts.

  3. Cosplay Enthusiasts: Approach: Attend local comic conventions or join cosplay communities online to connect with enthusiasts. Showcase how corsets can elevate their character portrayals and bring authenticity to their costumes. Negotiation: Offer styling consultations to help cosplayers find the perfect corset for their character. Consider partnerships with costume rental shops or offer package deals for full cosplay ensembles. Styling Tips: Research popular cosplay characters and identify corset styles that align with their costumes. Pay attention to intricate details and color schemes to create accurate and visually striking looks.

  4. Gothic Fashion Enthusiasts: Approach: Collaborate with local alternative fashion stores or connect with gothic fashion influencers to reach the target audience. Emphasize how corsets can enhance gothic aesthetics and create dramatic and elegant looks. Negotiation: Offer styling sessions focused on gothic fashion, showcasing different ways to incorporate corsets into their wardrobe. Provide guidance on pairing corsets with gothic-inspired accessories and garments. Styling Tips: Opt for corsets in dark and rich colors, featuring lace, velvet, or leather details. Pair them with flowing skirts, layered fabrics, and ornate jewelry for a romantic gothic appeal.

  5. Boudoir Photography Clients: Approach: Connect with local boudoir photographers or establish partnerships with beauty salons or lingerie boutiques. Highlight how corsets can enhance body confidence and create sensual and empowering photo shoots. Negotiation: Offer styling services as part of boudoir photography packages. Collaborate with photographers to curate looks that match their clients' preferences and create memorable and seductive imagery. Styling Tips: Select corsets that flatter different body types and accentuate curves. Pair them with lingerie pieces, stockings, or flowing robes to create alluring and glamorous boudoir looks.

Remember, when approaching each target audience, it's important to tailor your approach and negotiation strategies based on their specific needs and preferences. By understanding their style aspirations, offering personalized guidance, and showcasing the versatility of corsets, you can establish yourself as a trusted personal stylist and create remarkable looks that leave a lasting impression.

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