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Vest corset in gothic style with high back. Gothic Victorian, steampunk affordable cheap corset, girlfriend's gift, historical corset

Great fit

Loved it the size guide really helped

Wore it out

I bought this corset almost a year ago and wear it 5 days a week minimum. I love it soooo much. Unfortunately I wore it so much one of the steel bones broke in half lol. I'm going to attempt to fix it myself. It has helped immensely with my back problems and helps me to move throughout the day with no pain!

I returned this corset for full credit

The corset was beautiful, but I changed my mind and wanted to return it.

Disappointed that no one from corsettery ever responded to any of my emails.

Quality and style is outstanding

Received this corset and was very pleased with both the quality and fit. She loves it!

First corset, and will definitely buy again

The quality of the corset is wonderful, and I look forward to wearing it at the different festivals this year! Thank you very much!

size up significantly

I usually wear medium clothes. But this one is tough. The gap is 10" that does not come together. I do not know what to do...

Favorite gothic corset by far

I recently purchased this gothic corset vest from satin and floral mesh with a high back and I am so pleased with it. It is exactly as described and looks amazing. The construction is top quality and it fits me perfectly. I love the combination of the satin and floral mesh and the high back makes it look even more stylish. I would highly recommend this corset vest to anyone looking for a unique and fashionable piece.

Awesome experience

I recently purchased this mesh underbust corset for waist training and have been using it for 3 weeks. It was not easy for me to find a corset for myself, so I hope my review will be useful for everyone looking to start a waist training journey. I'm really pleased with the results so far! The corset is comfortable to wear and fits snugly around my waist. It has been helping me to train my waist to a more shapely figure. I have noticed that my waist has become more defined and my posture is better. The corset is also helping me to burn calories and lose inches around my waist. I'm really pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend this product to anyone interested in waist training. Also, I highly recommend going with a made-to-measure corset for better results.

I love it!!

Using this Draculaura cosplay corset as a part of a costume is amazing! The satin dress is high quality and fits perfectly. The pink leather bows are a nice touch and really bring the whole look together. The stitching is strong which is important foe ma as I am a plus-size girl. It's the perfect costume piece for any Draculaura fan. I highly recommend it!

Super stylish

After wearing a Steampunk and Gothic style lambskin corset for a photoshot, I can honestly say that I'm impressed. The corset is made of high-quality lambskin, which feels soft and luxurious. It cinches my waist in to create an hourglass figure that I love. The corset also has a great range of motion, so I can move around comfortably. The steampunk and gothic style also adds a unique and stylish look to our styling. I'm definitely a fan of this corset!

This is perfect

I recently purchased a made-to-measure red mesh underbust corset fromCorsettery and I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. The corset fits perfectly and the quality of the material is top-notch. The construction is very sturdy and the corset is comfortable to wear. The color is beautiful and the mesh fabric adds a touch of elegance. I've received many compliments on my corset and I'm very pleased with my purchase. I would definitely recommend this corset to anyone looking for a quality made-to-measure corset.

Got this for Birthday!

I am extremely impressed with the quality and fit. The corset itself is made from a soft, plush velvet material that is both comfortable and luxurious to the touch. The leopard print is bold and striking, adding a fun and edgy touch to any outfit.

The corset is well-constructed, with sturdy boning and a sturdy front closure that ensures a secure and flattering fit. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the corset cinched in my waist and how comfortable it was to wear for extended periods of time.

Got this in plus size

I recently purchased this waist corset and have been wearing it for three weeks. I have to say that it has been a great experience! The corset is well made and fits perfectly. It is comfortable and supportive, and I can feel the difference in my posture and my back. I also love the look of the corset and leather, as it is stylish and fashionable. The leather is of good quality and is easy to keep clean. I would definitely recommend this corset to others, as it has been a great addition to my wardrobe.

This is the best corset for daily waist training

I love that it is cinching waist with steel bones and still has comfortable and soft comfortable design for daily wearing

Best Ever

First time in all my life that I found a corset that fits me exactly the way I want it to and makes me look Slim and snatched I loved it I'd recommend it to everybody I plan on buying a whole lot more.

So comfy

So comfy and the girls stay in place . It’s an overbust corset . Love it ! I can sit too which is rare in a corset because they are not comfy when I sit but corsettery corsets feel good when sitting down .

Beautiful corset

A corset perfectly in my size, a nice reduction in the waistline and just pretty!

Time Consuming but beautiful

Their customer service is above and beyond when they respond, which is on Tuesday or Wednesday from my experience. But email the night before so you don't get lost like my first set of emails. (My corsets did not fit) And were far nicer than I was toward the end of the chain. But do yourself the favor and do not make decisions based on the sizing quiz. The quiz had me at a size 26 when it should have been a size 28. The corsets are absolutely beautiful and perfect, definitely worth the wait.

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Great product!!

So comfortable and stylish!! Love them!!

Can't go wrong with Corsettery

Bought my 6th, 7th and 8th corsets recently from Corsettery. They are high quality, affordable and the product is made in the U.S. (Tennessee). They will customize your corset free of charge and every corset I have bought I have loved. It's tough to even consider buying from another shop right now.

Fair warning, it will take about a month to get your corset so order in advance. Read the details they display on the fabric in the listings and cure your corsets. It really helps!

Vest corset in gothic style with high back. Gothic Victorian, steampunk affordable cheap corset, girlfriend's gift, historical corset


This corset is just what I needed and wanted. I can’t wait to put my whole look together.

I love this corset!

It fits me perfectly and feels comfortable when I wear it around the house. It's also very well made and seems extremely durable! I can't wait to wear it to Ren Fest and for Halloween!

Amazing quality

The product looks just like the picture and the fit is amazing.