Burgundy real steel boned waist training corsets from $69 of different design and fabric: red wine leather corsets, red wine satin, burgundy cotton, burgundy velvet and other deep red color corsets.

Deep dark red color is always looking expensive. Combine velvet corset with stylish vintage accessories or choose maroon leather for modern and fashionable looks.

We offer only authentic corsets of all possible fabrics. That means that each of them contains spiral steel bones, steel busk and steel flat bones at the back to provide additional support to lacing. Inner side of product is made from cotton that is comfortable to wear. Each corset has waist tape that makes it suitable for waist training.

We want to make it easy for you to order burgundy (maroon, dark red) corset at our shop. For this you may choose individual size and just send us your measurements. Or you may contact us at corsettery@gmail.com if you are looking for custom made black corset of individual design.

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