Waspie corset

Steel-boned corset waspies from $69. Real steel-boned short corset design, perfect waist cincher of different colors and materials to use like strap, cincture, waistband or sash with your gowns. Free delivery in US and Canada. 30 days of return and exchange.

Waspie is a special short style of waist corset on steel bones that is created according 1950s patterns and created super thin vintage looking waist. Waspie is a perfect corset on clothes as a belt but also use our cotton organic waspie to wear it under clothes.

Waspie is one of the best styles for fitness waist training with corset. We have created different waspies styles: one is traditional single rows of bones made from satin. And also double rows of bones cotton waspies of differen colors that are created for workout and waist training.

We have also started a line of real quality leather waspies of different colors (black, pink, red, white and brown real leather) that is just a perfect and must have accessory for Autumn and Winter season and amasing idea of stylish expensive belt for wedding and prom.

We offer single and double bones waspie corsets.

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