Waist corsets

From $69. Are you looking to buy a real waist training steel boned corset? Our online corset shop sells waist training corsets, shapers and cinchers of different material throughout the USA: leather waist corsets, satin and jacquard waist corsets, vinyl and fabric waist corsets, waspies, corsets-belts, cinchers. All our corsets have spiral steel bones to really adjust and control your waist in a couple of minutes up to 10 inches. We accept Paypal and deliver to the US and internationally. We have a 30 day return and exchange policy.  Additionally, we offer a wide array of sizes from extra small sizes to plus sizes and everything in between.  We also offer custom sizes to get that perfect fit for any body.

We have created several super popular waist designs of corsets suitable for everybody: classic Victorial waist corset, short waist corset design number 807 and corset belt (waspie) style number 801. Each of them is a high quality authentic corset on steel bones that is created for real waist controlling and waist training.
We offer our waist corsets in real leather of different colores, in satin and cotton, velvet and vinyl. Corsettery is selling only custom made corsets that is why we offer you custom sizes and opportunity to change small details like change busk on zipper or laces in front.
Authentic corsetted waist cincher on steel bones is made of several layers of fabric and always has thick cotton inside of it. Each our corset has special waist tape that defends corset from deformation and provides additional support during waist training and tight lacing.

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