The Old Hollywood Couture

The Old Hollywood is an absolutely luxury collection of bespoke exclusive corsets inspired by vintage fashion and styles. All corsets are of the top quality on steel bones, made of the best corset fabrics, authentic waist training corsets.

Looks and shapes were created under inspiration of the true classy Golden Hollywood Era style. Incredible classic colors, laces, crystalls and fabrics, patterns and gowns that are more than just a vintage look or pinup style – it is a real line of elegant clothes that are suitable for true female everyday style from just day till luxury evening events, proms, coctails.
We have created corsets for all occasions: dark red dramatic corset with black laces for proms, coctails, evenings and bedroom. Classic black corset with luxury tender lacy sleeves that is creating absolutely angelic look. Perfect classic velvet peplum corset, white satin corset with a strap around neck. Exclusive vintage inspired corset and skirt from white and beige cotton with cups. Corset with mesh and crystal brooch created for weddings and bedroom.
We are showing several styles of classic vintage skirts that are elegant and are perfect for wearing with corsets. We included stylish wonderful crystal brooches into some sets with corsets.
We have looked through a lot of photos, pictures, catalogues of vintage fashion, classic sewing books of 50s, old classic movies and photos of such super stylish stars like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor to find the most elegant and impressive looks for you.
Now we are working on even more elegand true vintage corset styles like waist corsets, waspies and classy velvet girdles.
We are opened for making you a wholesale proposal if you are interested in offering the best quality corsets to your buyers or if you are looking for authentic exclusive corsets made personally for you.
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