Waist training corset Style 901

Waist training corset from $79. Buy this perfect waist training underbust long style corset. It covers your hips and is wonderful at waist training. Extra curvy and extra tightening, wonderful hourglasses shape in 2 minutes. Corset with double rows of bones. We can produce any color and fabric in this style and custom sizes are available. Special sale on one of our best waist training underbust corsets!

Waist training with corset has been known since early times. In modern times it became popular again and women all over the world are looking for high quality corset that will be able to create real hourglass shapes and train their waist.
It is important to know that there are several conditions for buying real waist training corset:
– it should be made only with authentic steel bones. Please look carefully at all descriptions and find what kinds of bones and how much does the corset you like have.
– real heavy waist training corset is created with special fabrics and inner lining materials like thick high quality cotton that will prevent corset from deformation and that will make it comfortable to wear.
– each our corset has special waist tape inside (some corsets have it inside all lining materials and some just in the inner part of corset). It allows to lace corset tight and prevents deformation during even months and years og waist training.
– we have a lot of real photos and even videos of our corsets that show that we sell only high quality real waist training corsets that are custom made.

How to waist train with corset? When you first received your waist training corset please plan to wear it first time not more than 30 minutes at the start. In nearly a month you will see that you may lace your corset more tight. It means that you may order corset of smaller size than your natural. Also note that each of our corsets has special modesty panel that covers your back under laces.

How does waist training with corset works? At the start to begin to wear your steel-boned waist training corset and realize that it can be not easy. At this period don’t force yourself. It may last 3 days or 2 weeks, all individually. After some time some corset lovers will go on wearing it for 5 hours a day and others even more, taking it off only for shower time. Day by day you will notice that the distance between corset sides at the back is smaller and smaller and your waist is getting thinner.

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