Underbust corsets

Underbust corsets from $79. Buy our steel-boned underbust corsets of different styles and fabric designed for dramatic curves, waist training and amazing perfect shaping. Different styles: modern, historical, gothic, fashionable. Different materials and fabrics like satin, real Nappa leather, velvet, PVC. Be ready to tighten your waist up to 4-6″! We accept Paypal and deliver anywhere in the US.

Underbust corsets are very popular among all other corsets, they are created especially for shaping your waist. They are usually chosen for underwear or on shirts and dresses. We offer only high quality underbust corsets on authentic steel bones with cotton lining and special waist tape.
Such design of corsets is mostly focused on reducing your waist and waist training. Our custom made underbust corset can bring you perfect hourglass shapes and really make your waist smaller on 5-6 inches and more. There are different types of underbust corsets: waist corsets, waist belts and cinchers, long corsets covering your hips, classic Victorian corsets with triangle shape. We offer both single rows and double rows of steel boned corsets.
Look at white or beige classic underbust corsets to create perfect shape for your special occasions like wedding or prom. Use exclusive designed underbust corsets to make stylish costume and look for your photosets or Halloween parties.
We offer underbust styles and patterns from classic historical designs till modern looking fashionable corsets. The main is that you are able to buy high quality authentic corset of your dream.

There are several different underbust corset styles in our store:

  • classic Victorian underbust corset with triangle bottom,
  • traditional waist training underbust corset with double rows of bones covering hips that is presented in satin (black, pink, white, red, beige), quality leather, velvet, pvc and cotton of different colors  like white cotton, grey, light blue, beige.
  • underbust waist training corset with double rows of bones that is not covering hips and is more comfortable to wear under or on clothes. We have this underbust style in black and brown satin and in cotton.
  • long style of underbust corset that has 6 clasps of busk. It begins right unger your bust (between breasts) and covers hips and stomack.
  • traditional Edwardian underbust corset style of 1900 years that is amazing for fitness waist training, we have created it from cotton combined with leather front and waist to make more fashionable, sports and modern look.

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