Steel-boned corsets

Custom-made steel-boned corsets with affordable prices from $79. Corsettery USA is creating only high quality real corsets that are made only with steel bones suitable for tightlacing according to your measurements.

Why we offer you only steel-boned corsets? Steel bones are the best way to guarantee support and control of waist if you want to use your corset for tightlacing. We use only high quality materials, cotton lining and several types of bones: spiral steel bones, flat steel bones specially created to inforce the back of corset and prevent deformation and steel busk that provides additional support for your stomach in front and makes it easy to close and open corset. That ensures you will be receiving your corset of the highest quality.

You may buy underbust steel-boned corset, corset top, classic waist steel boned corset or waspie at our store and you may be sure that it will be high quality authentic corset that will not lose its shape and look even after several years of everyday tightlacing and waist training.

We offer free delivery of corsets to the US and Canada. We also offer customer design and sizing as well as plus sizes. And if by chance you are not completely satisfied with your order, we offer 30 days to return or exchange.

Each our corset is custom made according to your personal measurements and wishes and each our corset is authentic and steel-boned. Please carefully read description of each corset so you will know how much ribs exactly your corset will have. Also note that we offer some corset styles that have double rows of steel bones for extra waist cinching.

Why should you choose only steel-boned corset? If you want to purchase high quality product that won’t lose shape even after several years of everyday wearing, if you don’t want to be disappointed in the idea of corset waist training and shaping, if you don’t want your real leather corset to be deformed after tight lacing your choice is always a high quality steel-boned corset made using all technologies of creating of authentic corset. That is why at Corsettery we offer only real corsets on steel bones.

What kinds of bones do we use? Each corset has several types of steel bones:

  • spiral steel bones at the sides of corsets. Some corsets are made with single row of bones and others are made with double bones and provide even more waist control. You also can choose option about boning in some corsets.
  • high quality steel busk that additionally supports your belly.
  • flat steel bones that are used at the back of corset to enforce the lacing and prevent deformation if corset is laced very tight. You can be sure that corset won’t lose its shape even after years of usage.

If you want to ask more about steel bones or our corsets, order individual style and have any other questions please contact us at

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