Sexy corsets

The corset has been one a main clothing sexy “fetish” for women for many centuries.  It was designed to create mystery and intrigue and to expand one’s own personality.  Some styles of corsets can be extremely tender, sweet and gentle while other will be rough, firm and even naughty. Regardless of the style though, corsets have for centuries created a sense of the sexy and mysterious. How many men have dreamt of lacing or unlacing the tight cords of a corset? And how many fantasize about watching the curves and moves of a woman’s chest under a tight corset when she is breathing?

The secret of the corset’s sensuality is its ability to create an hourglass shape through difference in the waist and hips.  It doesn’t depend upon a woman’s actual measurements, but rather on creating a big difference between waist and hips that will make men lose their minds (in fact research has shown that the first thing that a man notices in a woman is the line between waist and hips).   The best way to do so, is by using an authentic steel boned corset.

Want to drive your man crazy?  Try one of Corsettery’s beautiful authentic steel bones corsets.   We hand make them with several layers of fabric, special spiral steel bones and flat bones, and waist tape all situated perfectly to maximize your shape and sex appeal. Have fun and be sexy, find your own sexual style with our corsets.

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