Satin waist training corsets

From $69. Corsettery offers variety of real steel boned satin waist training corsets. USA and Canada free delivery. 30 days of return and exchange. Here you may shop for satin corsets of different designs:

  • waist satin corsets
  • underbust satin corsets
  • overbust satin corsets
  • corset belts
  • corset cinchers
  • long styles of satin corsets
  • evening corsets
  • wedding corsets
  • underwear satin corsets

Satin is a weave that typically has a glossy surface and a dull back. Because of this it has a smooth surface that is perfectly suitable for underwear and at the same time will look amazing if you are using corset as a part of your gown for wedding, prom or just evening. Satin is often chosen when calls for luxurious fabrics for formal wear style.
We use only special corset satin that is more thick than regular kinds and that is more protected from deformation. Each of corsets has special 100% thick cotton lining so you can wear your corset comfortably. You can order corset from all possible colors of satin: black satin corset tops, pink and purple, red, white, beige and off-white, green, yellow, blue satin corsets, brown corsets.
If you wish custom made style or size of satin corset please contact us at

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