Overbust corsets and corset tops

From $79. Corsettery corset shop carries authentic overbust corsets and fashionable corset tops. Find waist training corsets and vintage overbust and longline corset designs. Overbust (fullbust and halfbust) corsets of different styles, colors and fabrics:

  • satin
  • leather
  • velvet overbust corsets
  • cotton and other fabrics.

Free USA and Canada delivery. 30 days for return and exchange. Please contact us at corsettery@gmail.com for custom made corset if you didn’t find corset of your dream.

There is a huge variety of different styles and designs of steel boned corset tops in Corsettery.
Overbust corset can be:

  • with cups or cupless,
  • with busk or zipper,
  • long, fullbust or halfbust,
  • strapless or with straps,
  • with single or double rows of steel bones.

Each of them is suitable for different types of bodies and goals.

1. Cupless or with cups? Most of all we have cupless corset tops. In general it is mostly the metter of your taste because cupless corset will be able to support your bust as well as corset with cups. To make your bust not to be flattened be sure to choose size of corset that is not to tight in bust (for example, your bust is 41 inches, so the best will be to make corset that will be nearly 3 inches smaller in size to support your bust but not to make it flat or what is even worse to make skin and bust “fall out” from corset, so your corset measurement in bust will be nearly 38 inches, don’t forget that each corset has modesty panel on the back that is 2,5 inches). Don’t choose corset that will be less on more than 5 inches in your bust.

Cups of corset can be seen or inner and unseen. If you want us to add inner cups into your cupless looking corset you can add this into comments of your order with the size of cup, it doesn’t influence on the price.

2. Busk of zipper? It is classic practice that real waist training corset tops are made with busk.

Busk is two special solid steel bones with clasps. It will add additional support to your stomach. In general busk is recommended if you are looking for real waist training corset and are going to practice tight lacing. Also a lot of people find busk comfortable to use. Replacement of busk for zipper (or make zipper in the side and no busk in front) is needed mostly for decorative needs.

Some corset styles like leather corsets or vinyl will gain another look if you change busk on zipper. We use only high quality zipper but it is not the best choice for very tight corsets and real waist training. Zipper is better for creating special look of corset but is not perfect for real control of your waist.

3. Designs of overbust corsets that we have are: classical overbust Victorian style with triangle bottom, classical overbust top with round bottom (overbust corsets cover all your bust and can have decollete), halfbust corset (corset exactly covers your nipple) and long corsets that cover your hip bones.

4. As a rule we are mostly making strapless corsets. But we have some styles that are like tank tops and some with straps over your neck. It is only the matter of your own taste what corset to choose. According to the length of straps normally we make them adjustable so you will be able to choose length comfortable for you (they can be like belts or you can make a beautiful bow at the back of your neck). We are opened to make custom made corset top with straps according to your personal wishes, designs and styles.

5. We are creating classical single rows of bones corset and also have a line of designs that have double rows of bones or that can be made with double rows. Why double rows of bones can be used? First of corset with double rows of bones looks extremely interesting and stylish. Second of all more steel bones will give you more support and waist control if you are looking for waist training, big waist reduction or just is buying corset top of plus size for creating hourglass shapes.


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