Leather corsets with steel bones

Leather corsets from $109. Online shop of real-steel boned leather corsets of different colors and styles: black leather, brown, pink, red corsets, white wedding corsets, casual, steampunk corsets, evening, BDSM and so on. Free USA and Canada delivery. 30 days of return and exchange. Custom and plus sizes and custom made corsets.

We choose only the top quality sheep leather for our corsets and we have a huge variety of colors that we offer in our regulars designs and in custom-made luxury corsets. For custom-made corsets please apply at corsettery@gmail.com

Leather is a luxury hight quality eco-friendly fabric. Real leather corsets are extremely comfortable to wear because it fits your body much better than fabric corset.

We offer different colors of leather from classic like black and white to creative and colorful like white, red, several shades of brown (chocolate, black chocolate, cognac). Our corsets are made from sheep leather that is the top quality corset making leather.

Please note that we can create you a leather corset according to your personal measurements and design (custom made corsets).

What is a real quality leather corset? Leather is a very tender fabric and if you want to tighten your corset very much it must be a really quality corset made by all rules or you will just spoil it. All our corsets:

  • have a special lining materials and 100% cotton as a main inner lining to make them heavy and hard enough for tight lace up.
  • they all have spiral authentic quality steel bones.
  • in the back each corset has special steel boning next to the eyelets that provides additional support and prevents deformation.
  • each corset has a special waist tape inside.

Only corset that has all these points will be able to provide real waist training and tightening and won’t be deformated and spoiled.

We are working with the best manufacturers of real quality leather. So we are able to provide the best prices on leather corsets of different colors:

– classic black leather corsets (underbust, overbust tops, waist black leather corsets);

– brown leather corsets of different shades from dark brown chocolate real leather till milk chocolate and cognac corsets. Brown leather is traditional material for everyday casual corsets and also for steampunk style corsets;

– white leather is amazigly beautiful and stylish. White leathe corset is suitable for costumes, photosets and even unusual stylish wedding gowns;

-colorful leather of differen colors: red, pink, light green. If you want corset of exact color please contact us at corsettery@gmail.com and we will find it for you.

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