Lace Addicted Couture collection

Luxury collection of bespoke corsets decorated with amazing laces: tulle and French Chantilly. Wonderful and expensive look of couture corsets. Custom made limited edition authentic corsets for Lace Addicted Princess.

Each corset is created handmade accordin to personal sizes. Each corset is a high quality top authentic corset for real tight lacing on steel bones created specially for tight lacing. We have created several styles of Lace Addicted corsets decorated with laces: steel-boned waspie, short line underbust corset, long underbust corsets coveting hip bones. Each corset has double rows ow steel-bones and created accordint to personal sizes customly.

You can buy white and light with white laces bridal corsets, black and dark red satin with black laces gothic and evening corsets, everyday natural corset.

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