Gothic corsets

Gothic and vampire custom made corsets, black exclusive mysterious corsets for Halloween costumes, photosets and cosplay. We can design almost any corset you can think of so the options are virtually limit less. If you want to create your own style, email us at and tell us your ideas (pictures would be great) and we can work with you to design the corset of your desire.
Free delivery to the US and Canada. We also offer customer design and sizing as well as plus sizes. And if by chance you are not completely satisfied with your order, we offer 30 days to return or exchange.

Styles of gothic dresses can range from puk, deathrock, Victorian styles of combinations of them. Typical gothic fashion includes died black or cold white hair, dark or black clothing, dark nail polish. Design of clothes is often borrowed from the Elizabethan, Victorian or medieval period and often may have religious, occult and mystery imagery. Often it includes silver jewelry and steel details. Some modern designers are presenting high quality heute gothic couture.
One of the part of such gown is custom made exclusive Victorian corset that can be made from leather, satin, cotton, velvet of dark colors with white metallic details.

We will be happy to make you not only custom made size of corset but even your own style of corset or collection that will show your outstanding taste and style.

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