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custom made corsets wholesale

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The Ramona Corset. Bespoke high quality authentic peplum style corset from leather on steel bones, vintage, new look, victorian corset.

Corsettery is a high quality real corset manufacturer brand in the USA, TN and we are opened to new proposials about waist training corset wholesale partnership if you are looking for significant styles and individual conditions of work.

If you are a lingerie shop, high quality clothes showroom, buyer, corset shop, historical society or forum, festival or just a group of people looking for real steel boned corsets we will be happy to create you corsets that you need and offer you great conditions for partnership.

We are also ready to create high quality authentic corsets for theater performances and movies, different kind of burlesque shows and capsular collections of high quality corsets for brands and showrooms..

We are opened for cooperations with small remarkable stores with their own style and audience. We are able to produce corsets according to your own style, with custom sizes and we are happy to launch your own exclusive collection of corsets suitable exactly for your needs. 

Our wholesale discount is starting from $599.

Use this coupone code and get your wholesale discount:

luxury blue and white bridal custom made corsetPlease note that we offer only high quality real waist training corsets on authentic steel bones. We accept custom corsets orders and custom and plus sizes.

Corsets and clothes dropshipping

We are also opened for proposals of internet stores and catalogues! If you are interested in dropshipping of our corsets and clothes we will gladly give you a special discount and send goods directly to your buyers even if it is made to measures corsets.

Contact for selling Corsettery corsets in your ecommerce stores.


Here is only small list of great quality corsets that you can purchase with wholesale discount from our online store:

For bigger amounts of wholesale orders, capsular collections or sample requests please apply directly at or using form.

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