Frequently asked corset questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Corsets

  • I want style of corset of exact color but cant find it in your catalogue, do you make custom orders and/or sizing?

Absolutely!  We can virtually any style of corset your wish and can custom make sizing to fit you perfectly.

  • Do you accept returns?

Of course!  We accept returns for 30 days.  See our return policy for more details.

  • How long does it take to make my corset?

We custom and hand make your corset with care.  Therefore, it takes us approximately 5-7 business days to create your corset.

  • Do you have plus size corsets and what is the biggest?

Yes!!!  We have a wide range of sizes up to 5XL with waist of 38″.   Additionally, we can custom make sizing for virtually every size and shape (from 15 inches waist training corsets to 6XL, 7XL, 8XL, 9XL, 10XL). You may read more about our plus size corsets.

  • Is there a difference between the curve from one corset to the next?  Do certain corsets give bigger tightening and thinning effect in the waist and hips compared with others?

There is not in difference in curve between corsets.  The determination of the tightening and thinning is based upon the size ordered.  If you wish to have more tightening, order a corset with a smaller waist.  Please contact us with any questions regarding sizing. As corset makers we can produce you corset with any measurements of waist, waist or hips. Please read more about custom made corsets with dramatic hourglass shape.

  • Where do you ship to?

Our corset store ships corsets for free to all cities of the USA and Canada. We would love to provide the best individual service to each corset lover of the world so we also can ship worldwide but after your personal request.

  • Where do you ship from?

We ship from our home state of Tennessee.

  • I have a photo of a corset from a movie, television show or magazine that I want, can you make it?

We are able to make practically any corset.  Simply send us the picture of the corset that you want to and we will determine whether we can make it for you and what the price would be. Here is some custom made corsets that we already created.

  • I was told that only corsets on steel bones can give real tightening and be waist training. Is it correct?

We use only steel bones in our corsets and they are of the highest quality.  But steel bones is only part of the story.  In making our high quality corsets which keep its shape we use several layers of special high quality fabrics that were designed to maintain their shape for years.

  • How long can I wear corset?

When you receive your first real corset and lace it with corset cord then tighten on your body don’t wear it for too long. Start from 30-60 minutes a day at the first week. Please don’t put on corset with big waist reducing out to the place where you won’t be able to take it off or loose for the first time. If you have wish to practice waist training, please increase amount of hours that you spend in steel boned corsets. Corset enthusiasts with experience in waist training can wear their corsets even 24/7, but you should wear corset listening to your body and your feelings.

  • How to clean or wash corset?

All our corsets have real stainless steel bones so in general if your corset is made from fabric you may carefully wash it with just water and soap. Be sure that you dry your corset correctly and it is not wet. But we reccomend dry cleaning for all corsets. Corsets from genuine real leather can be only dry cleaned.

  • Can you produce custom made plus size corset (like 6XL, 7XL, 8XL, 9XL, 10XL)?

We are corset makers and we accept any custom orders according style or size of corset. We will be happy to create your corset according to your wishes and measurements. Please contact us by email and we will discuss what style of corset will be the best personally for you.

  • How do I correctly lace my corset?

There are several types of lacing the cord of corset. We offer you special detailed instructions of different methods of lacing your corset ribbon so you will be able to choose suitable for you.

  • I am looking for corset deal coupons. Do you offer such?

Yes! We have several corset coupons that offer discounts from 10% to 30%. You may choose what is suitable for you and use it right now.

  • Can I have discount or do you have sales of your corsets?

Yes, we offer some top quality corsets and popular waist training styles with discount. You may see list of our corset sales for more information.

  • What kinds of bones do you use?

All our corsets are steel-boned. There are types of corset boning: single and double rows of steel bones.

  • Should I choose different corset at different time of a year?

There are some recommendations about choosing corsets at Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

  • How to correctly take off steel-boned corset?

It is very easy to take off you corset if you started to do it correct. There is only one correct way: first to lace it off as much as possible and only then to unlock buck! Please see in detailes here.

  • How cheap can be authentic corset and do you sell cheap corsets?

Authentic quality corset can not be very cheap. But we still offer you only affordable corsets of the best quality. Please see some more information about cheap corsets.

  • Your prices are quite low, are you really selling real steel-boned corsets for tight lacing? 

We offer you the best prices on authentic steel-boned corsets. And we are happy to present you reviews and feedbacks on our corsets.

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