Plus size corsets

Corseted clothes are an amazing choice for plus size women. Corsets can be worn under clothes or above to create a conspicuous and beautiful waistline. At Corsettery, we have super high quality corsets special with double rows of bones for extra support and waist reducing.

Below are two pictures of a beautiful plus size women. In this first picture without the waist training corset, her waist looks quite ordinary. In the second photo though, she is wearing our classic underbust plus size corset (size regular 5XL) with a double rows of bones and look at the amazing different. Her beautiful curve has returned. This is a woman who has never waist trained or even worn a corset before. Over time of plus size waist training, her shape and figure will get even better and better.

Plus size waist training corset

Plus size waist training corset









A few tips for buying plus size corsets.

  • The size and fitting is very important. Work with the experts at Corsettery to get your size perfect for your body. We also offer custom sizes to make the process even easier.
  • You may choose size with bigger reducing that in small sizes. Usually we recommend 4 inches of tightening but with plus sizes you may easily choose 5-6 inches or even more.
  • Corsets take a little time to mold and shape to your body so be patient. Start with wearing only for a short time and build up as the corset molds to your body. Just like new shoes start to wear corset for 30 minutes a day and then make this time longer.
  • We have several regular plus sizes and also accept custom sizes of corsets.When do you need to choose custom size for plus size corsets?
    • When you want to make waist smaller than regular size
    • When you want increase bust measurement
    • When you want to make hips wider

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