Custom made corsets

Sometimes you need very special style of corset for your costume or occasion or just corset that you have seen in movie or in your dreams. We love our customers to take part in the process of creating their corsets. That is why we accept custom orders gladly. We can create an exclusive corset collection specially for your shop. Please note that we have special wholesale discounts from $599.

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How it works? You may send us photo or just your description and we will create exclusive custom made corset for you. It can be based on our regular styles like: “I want underbust corset 901 but from light blue cotton with 18″ waist” or “I want the same corset from white leather“. We are happy to provide you really couture service and create bespoke individual corsets.

Custom sizes of corsets.

Our experience in corset making showed us that one of the main rules to make corset fit perfectly is to make it custom sized exactly by measurements. That is why we have Individual size option in all our corsets and it doesn’t influence on price. If you have any doubts in how correctly to choose size or want something special like very thin waist or wide hips for hourglassed shape, please choose Individual size and leave us a comment with your natural measurements and wishes.

Examples of custom exclusive designs of our corsets

Here is some examples of corsets that were created in one piece. By some reasons we can’t show absolutely all exclusive designs.

  • Corset inspired by Van Helsing movie. It is created from real old-looking leather using copper decorations.



  • Wine underbust velvet corset in Italian Renaissance style.



renaissance italian venice corset

  • long black real leather authentic corset with flared bottom.

custom made real leather corset


You may send us your inquiry for individual custom made corset through this contact form.

custom made corsets wholesale

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