How to order corset in our online store?

Online shopping became a part of our lives. It is more and more easy and popular to order goods and services online. It is extremely easy to order corset in our online shop for several reasons:

  • our corset store has a huge range of styles, colors and fabrics. So you will buy corset of your dream for sure.
  • if you don’t see style that you like, you can email us photo on and we will create custom corset for you.
  • we accept all possible sizes of corsets, we have huge range of regular sizes and accept custom sizes.
  • when you send us your order we will contact to you anyway to be sure that size is chosen correct.
  • each corset has special modesty panel that is 2.5 inches that gives almost 100% guarantee that your corset will fit you perfectly.
  • even if by some reasons you don’t like corset and want to return it or exchange, you can easily do it without any reason in 30 days.

Corset shop

How to buy corset online?

It seems that a corset is a piece of clothes that is impossible to buy without trying on and that it is very hard to choose and buy suitable corset. Probably when there is no possibility to order a custom made corset and you have choice only from regular styles and regular corsets there is a huge possibility that corset won’t fit perfect. But in our store we are always opened and recommend custom size of corset that will be not too tight in bust, wide in hips and thin in waist.

What does it mean? It means that really each corset is created individually! Take your chance to buy a really bespoke corset made especially for you for the price of affordable corset from corset shop with regular sizes. So it is always better to find a real corsetmaking workshop that allows you to buy corset of any size you wish depending upon your individual measurements and goals.


How can I find quality corset?

The store that sells really quality corsets will not hide any imformation about process of making of corset. We are showing you how many bones has each style and what materials it contains. We collect feedbacks and real photos of our buyes, we show our corsets in real life and on real photos through our social accounts.

Can I buy corsets with wholesale prices online?

In modern world almost everything is possible through Internet. We are working with stores and small shops all over the US providing them our high quality corsets and offering them our exclusive styles that are sold only at their shops. How does it work? They apply at our email and we together discuss what corsets they are interested in, create a sketch together and provide special wholesale price list. We also can send free samples to shops that are really interested in selling authentic high quality corsets and really high product for their customers.

Here is instruction how to order steel boned corset in our online store.

  • When you found corset that you like, you should pick up the size. For this go to our sizing chart.

how to order corset online

or just look at the table and instruction in the product page.


  • When you know size you may choose size option and add product to the cart.

how to choose size of corset

  • Don’t be afraid if you have doubts about size. After your order we will contact you about exact measurements one more time and confirm or correct size because we are making each corset individually and can easily make bust bigger or waist thinner and anything like this. Also you may click on


it will move you to the page with simlpe form, fill it and we will select correct size and suitable styles for you.

how to choose corset

  • Some of our corsets have also different fabric options, so you may choose corset of different color or fabric.

how to order corset online

  • After this please press add to cartbuttom and you will be moved to the Check out page where you will be able to purchase your corset.

order corset online

  • Make sure that you have corset that you want in the cart and size and fabric is correct. If yes please choose delivery option and press Proceed to Checkout

corset store

  • You will be redirected to the Checkout page of our store where you will enter shipping address, confirm your order and delivery one more time and will be able to press Proceed to Paypal buttom to be redirected to Paypal payment system.

how to order corset online















  • When you fill all your information and payed your order is done and finished. We will receive it, contact to you and start to make your corset.

order corset online


Corset shop

Now you see how easy it can be to buy great high quality corset online!

What if you want to buy corset that we don’t have in our catalogue?

A lot of people apply everyday for some special exclusive corsets that are looking like corset from the movie, or from photo, or even from computer game! Creative and stylish ladies are offering their designs and start their own collections with us. Some people just want to change small detail in existing style or make it from another fabric. If you are among them you can apply directly at and we will create your perfect corset together.

Don’t forget to visit our Etsy corset store for some exclusive styles, custom made corsets and reviews from real people.