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White leather overbust pinup corset with white frill

Wanting that perfect corset? Looking to save some money? We have you covered! Other companies often make coupon offers which are so complicated and confusing and involve so many product and timing requirements that make your head spin. But not here at Corsettery. We offer several straightforward ways to save some serious dough right now on our entire stock of corsets. Here is what you need to do to get our corset deal coupon:

  • Social Community 10% Coupon. We are building a community of corset lovers and want to hear your opinions and stories about corsets. Get involved and join our Instagram, Facebook and other social networks where we will offer exciting contests, interesting content as well as an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with other corset lovers. If you do follow and repost us, we would be happy to send you a corset discount coupon for 10% off on your purchases with us. To do so, either send us an email to and show us that you are following us and we will send you your discount coupon code. Or simply, place your order and in the comments section note that you are following us and we will discount your order.
  • Newsletter 10% Corset Coupon. We will soon by starting our informative and fun newsletter. We will post stories about corsets, their history and how they are made. We will also be spotlighting you, our fellow corset lover, giving stories, pictures and ideas about how our customers are wearing their corsets. If you join our newsletter, we will send you a 10% discount coupon code of 10%.
  • Group and Wholesale Purchases. Going to a festival? Participating in a role play event? Place your order together to save some cash. We offer a wholesale 30% discount to all orders over $599. Remember too that we offer custom orders and sizing. So if you want something special or unique for an event, please contact our product specialists at and we would be happy to work with you to create the corset of your dreams.
  • Contests. We just completed a wonderful contest where our customers and followers told us their wonderful stories about how and why they wished to waist train and do a thirty day diary about their experience. The feedback and participation was wonderful! The winners of this contest received fabulous free corsets or wonderful discounts. So watch our social networks and newsletter for future contests and opportunities to win corset or doscount coupon codes. Follow us at @corsettery on Instagram and twitter for more.

Please note that while we certainly love you and want you to have it all, we can only honor one coupon per purchase.
Enjoy these opportunities to save money on the corsets you love!

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