Style’s guide

Corset shopOur corset store has designed different styles of real steel boned corsets suitable for different body shapes and for different goals so you can be sure that corset you buy at will be perfectly suitable. Each style is offered in different fabrics and colors and if you see any color of fabric on our site at another product but can’t find the same at style that you want, please apply to our Customer Care using any comfortable way.

Here are our main Corset Designs:

Overbust styles were created as an independent part of your gown, perfectly suitable for almost all kinds of skirts and some trousers. Try skirt under or above corset and see how your silhouette will be changing. Match corset with jacket or bolero or just wear as it is.

  • white leather corsetClassic Victorian overbust corset. If you have narrow back this corset is created for you. It will be a bit higher than your hip bones, it has triangular classic bottom shape. Regular size of corset doesn’t creat dramatic curves, so if you wish to use it for waist training we can offer you to have individual size with a bit reduced waist.



  • authentic real leather corset Halfbust corset is created for big bust or developed back body. It also allows to cinch waist more compared with Classic Victorian overbust corset without overtightening your bust and back. It has round shape in the bottom and doesn’t cover your hip bones.



  • black real leather corset Overbust corset with round bottom is middle between first two shapes. It has overbust upper part and round shaped bottom part that makes corset to look more modern than Victorian.




    • pink real leather corsetClassic long styles of corsets were created for tall women, they are suitable if you are more than 66 inches tall. Such corset tighten all your upper part of body creating amazing shapes, it looks gorgeous if you are plus size. Corset will cover your hip bones also.


Overbust corsets compared with long style corset on video

Underbust and waist styles of corsets are suitable for bigger tightening of waist. They are great also if you don’t want cover your bust and back with corset (so it is easier to tight underbust corset more) and if you don’t want corset to be seen from under your dress if you wear it as an underwear and you may wear it with comfortable and suitable for you bra.

  • red real leather underbust corsetClassic Victorian underbust corset is great waist training corset suitable both for underwear and for being part of gown. It doesn’t cover your hip bones. It is better to choose this style if you have not wide hips compared to rest of your body. The triangle bottom shape makes it look more historical.



  • Black satin underbust corsetWaist training corset 901 is absolutely great choice for real waist training and curles. It has double row of steel bones that will provide the most possible tightening. Corset covers your hips and place between your bust that hides some skin that may “appear” if you cinch your corset extra tight. So this style is suitable both for plus sizes and small sizes. You may apply for individual waist reducing if you wish to have dramatic hourglass shapes.


  • white velvet underbust waist corset Waist training corset 807 is made by vintage patterns and is short underbust corset or waist corset with triangle shape covering your belly. This style is suitable for almost all body shapes and can be used both for extra tightening of your waist and just as a part of your gown like a belt or accessory.



    • light green real leather waist corset Classic waist corset with 4 clasps is absolutely the most popular our style. Black satin waist corset can be worn as underwear and as classic part of a gown combined almost with all styles and cloths.






  • gold waspie corsetWaspie is a short waist corset of 3 clasps and it is designed to tighten your waist up to 7.5 inches! But usually it can be used like an accessory to wear like a corset belt on your regular cloths. They can become extremely stylish and bright detail of your gown.



Almost all other our corsets were created on the base of styles above.