How to achieve a true hourglass shapes?

Underbust brocade waist training corset with double bonesA lot of women every day are buying shapers, waist trainers and corsets to creat a fashionable hourglass silhouette. It seems so easy Рjust buy corset suitable for tight lacing and you will have your amazing waist. Is it true? Partly yes, partly no. It all depends upon corset!





satin hourglass corset with wide hips satin hourglass corset with wide hipsFirst of all it is a fact that you need to use a heavy authentic corset with steel bones and several layers of fabric to create a hourglass shapes. Buy only a high quality corset for this.

Second of all always remember that looking at photos of corset on a model in the catalogue or site of a corset maker or corset brand you will see corset worn by a model who has already perfect body even without corset. Corset models will be chosen specially for their thin waists and wide hips.

Third and connected to second is that model for the catalogue is wearing not a regular size of corset but a made to measures collection that is only underlining her dramatic curves. It is extremely disappointing to see the photo of houglassed body and spend sometimes up to several hundreds for corset and not receive what you were expecting.

size chart for authentic steel-boned corsetsSo we are sharing with you some rules of how correctly to choose corset and create a true hourglass silhouette.

  1. As it was told always choose only authentic corset that is made according to all rules of high quality corset making. This corset must have a special waist tape between layers of fabric to underline the waist line.
  2. Choose only corsetmaker that offers you a made to measures corset! It is extremely important. You will spend maybe some more money on it but you will be sure that corset will fit perfectly personally to your shapes and that it will have hourglass pattern and not just “tube” shape. Such corset can not cost less than $80 but very rare it can cost more than $150 depending upon design and decoration mostly. All that is payed above this amount for smooth fabric corset is payed just for brand. It is always better to pay additional $30-50 for really made to measured corset for your body and spend money once than save first time and then reorder again and again losing more and more just hoping to receive correct hourglass corset finally.
  3. Be sure that you see photos of corset no only on the super shaped hourglass corset model but in real life – photos from inside and outside, photo on a table or floor, photo on the mannequin.
  4. The most important is to order corset with special proportion between hips and waist. For hourglass shapes difference between waist measurement and underwaist (hip bones) is from 12-13″ and more. It is better to have corset that is not tight till pain in hips and underbust (ribs) and is tight in waist.
  5. At the same time note that corset should not be big in hips, it must be nearly 2-3 inches less than your real natural measurement (because modesty panel will adjust corset) so you won’t have wrinkles and holes on the hips.
  6. Underbust smooth waist training corset with double bones
    Underbust satin corset style 901

    Underbust brocade waist training corset with double bonesDesign of corset for creatin a hourglass shape can be really different. It mostly depends upon proportions from #5 but usually the most impressive hourglass corsets on photos have a long hip line. It looks extremely impressive and sexy especially on a model with perfect body but in real life such corset can not be very much wornable. And again here is important to have made to your personal measurements corsets according to your goals! Why? Because if you need it only for a photoshot or walking/standing you may have really long hips, if you are planning to wear this corset everyday or sit in it order corset of perfect length for yourself – use front measurement from underbust till the fold of your hips (under a hip bone) when you sit. For people with short torso it can be 10″ corset and for very told women it can be up to 13″. As you may see on the pictures we have created long hips corset to all length of torso. For even shorter length you can use waspie that has 6-7″ length and will be absolutely comfortable for your hips, ribs and waist.

  7. mesh and cotton transparent hourglass corset with wide hipsauthentic steelboned hourglass corsetFabric of corset for hourglass shapes. It is very tempting to have a transparent super sexy corset for creating hourglass shapes. And on photos at catalogues it can look amazing because it is worn by model with perfect body and it was made to measures for her. In real life this corset will be too soft for really making such shapes. It is a great style of thin corset to wear under clothes or like a part of a sexy lingerie outfit. It has waist tape and bones and will anyway create more shapes than any corsages or waist trainers. But for a true tight lacing it is always important to use corset with several layers of fabric – first can be tender mesh or lace or just upper fabric like satin or cotton. Inside there will be a waist tape made of a very firm fabric and several layer fabrics. Inner will be a firm special cotton that is close to denim by thickness.
  8. waist training in corset
    First corset that was used after pregnancy by a Mom of 2. After nearly a month she was able to totally close it and have corset smaller on 2 inches in waist

    Be ready that from the first time you may not be able to wear corset with 13″ gap between waist and hips. It may appear that you will need to waist train with corset with gap of 10-11″ or even less to feel comfortable. Usually it is enough to wear such corset for 3-6 months before you will be able to order 13″ and more inches gap corset. And again no matter what goals you have it is always important to have corset made to your measures.







Underbust waisttraining hourglass corsetSuper pretty Mom of two amazing girls @apetyankaobezyanka is wearing 2 of our corsets to show difference.
Both corsets are one and the same underbust dounble boned style 901 made of satin. The dark one Lace Addicted corset is of a regular size 22″ and the bright red one is a custom made to measures corsets with wide hips and waist of 18″.
As you see even the most beautiful corset of the best style and quality on one and the same person fits absolutely different! That is why we strongly recommend to order a made to measures authentic Corsettery corset if you are interested in a real hourglass shapes.

Below are photos of overbust denim corset from Western Collection made to measures

Denim overbust waisttraining hourglass corset Denim overbust waisttraining hourglass corset