The Luxury of Bespoke Corsetry

Vintage red and black corset with luxury laces
Our exclusive corset decorated with 3 yards of wide Chantilly laces.

So you have decided to buy your first corset and have a lot of questions and the main is how to be sure that corset will fit perfect. Especially if you have outstanding proportions that are far from regular sizes.

I am selling corsets for more than 7 years, putting them on on women of a lot of different shaps and sizes. During all that time I was looking how corset of regular sizes will fit. Very often it fits good, especially if you just want a regular waist corset or waspie. But what if you have big bust and want overbust corset? Or want to make wide hips thin waist shapes? The only answer is to create corset that will be made according to your personal measurements.



Big bust in corset
Our Lithuanian customer in her custom made corset

And here we meet another problem – bespoke clothes are really expensive if you go to the tailor. That is why buying custom made corset online through our site is a real opportunity to have an absolutely luxury corset created according to your measurements or even design and not to overspend.

We have tryed hard and spent several years on making all our production processes work such way that we can reduce our spends on a lot of things like stock, areas on shop, some logistic issues and so on and invest in our outstanding quality and creating absolutely perfect corsets individually. We believe that if you want an outstanding quality corset you don’t need to pay a lot of additional spends that is why we are making analyze of our spends and trying to figure out how to make them less each time.

After years of experienc we have found out how to receive all needed information from customer, how to make corset not too small in hips and bust and perfect in waist, so even if you are at another part of the world you will be able to receive absolutely perfect corset.



Wonder woman cosplay costume
Our painting of the leather parts of Wonder Woman cosplay costume

Sometimes it may take several days to create the painting of corset that we are going to make, discussing it with our customer. And we are always very involved into process loving difficult projects and nonstandard decisions. We are happy to find out way how to turn into corset the dress or costume of your favorite hero from a movie or even computer game and how to create it in the most similar way.

We have several social net accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter, Etsy) that help us to be opened to wishes of corset lovers all over the world. Your opinion is really super important for us and we try to find out all possible issues that we need to solve to improve our corsets each time.




steampunk gothic luxury corset
The Steampunk “close to nature” leather corset created exclusivly for Australian photoshot, now is available to order.

We are growing everyday and first of all is growing our quality and abilities and our collections. We believe that one or two people are unable to be successful in all design styles that is why we adore collaboration with people of different styles and areas asking them to create us designs that will be sold under our brand and their name together. We have already created several lines of corsets that will like people of different subcultures: we have created absolutely luxury boudoir Lace Addicted collection of corsets that is covered by amazing tender laces, we are working on the line of gothic corsets slowly increasing it with very beautiful Porcelain Panic, we have finished absolutely outstanding and stylish Old Hollywood Couture collection with amazing Doris Hobbs ( that includes wonderful corsets, skirts and accessories inspired by looks from old photos, movies and vintage tailor books; we have started to create collection of cute pinup corsets together with our brand ambassador – singer and song writer Nicole Barkaszi (Luna) and it will contane some super actual and brave styles of corsets the same as very cute and sweet corsets.

authentic luxury corsets
Nicole Barkaszi wearing our satin and goldish mesh waist corset

We are happy always to receive reviews and feedbacks about our work, we love to see photos of real people in our corsets, we pay attention to every possible issue that can make customer unhappy. That is why we honestly show the process of our work, pictures and even videos of corsets in life, we have opened store on Etsy to collect buyers reviews.

We are building the best corset brand in the US and maybe even in the world everyday and we believe that only very close cooperation with all of you and can help us to grow and develop our brand into leading corsetmaking company. And the main our priority is create absolutely perfect exclusive corsets made according to personal measurements and to be sure that we are providing the best quality and the best prices.






cusom made authentic leather corset
Exclusive long hips line leather gothic or punk corset
Boudoir corset from Lace Addicted collection
Boudoir corset from Lace Addicted collection
Boudoir corset from Lace Addicted collection
Boudoir corset from Lace Addicted collection
Vintage red and black corset with luxury laces
Old Hollywood Collection corset decorated with luxury Chantilly laces





stylish gothic corset
Exclusive gothic corset