How Many Underbust Corsets Do You Need?

custom made waist training corsetIt is not a secret at all that underbust and waist corsets are very popular. Almost 80% of corsets that we sell are different styles of underbust and waist. People just love them. So how many underbust corsets you may need? First of all the best underwear styles of corsets are underbust. They are invisible under clothes, it is more comfortable to wear. So if you need to make your waist thinner fastly underbust corset is what you need.



If you have a very slim body and want to create a hourglasses shape using small corset and to wear it under your clothes the best style for you is of course waspie. Underwear waspie is made of satin or cotton but inner material is always a cotton.

custom made plus size corsetIf you want corset also to cover your lower parts of belly and underbust take a look on one more very popular high quality style of corset: underbust corset with double bones 901. Such style of corsets is suitable for both small size and plus size andhas a special wide hips line that is created to make the difference between hips and waist even more noticeable. Please note that if you are looking for dramatic curves (very thin waist and very wide hips) measurements of corset in hips should be bigger than in waist on 12 inches and more.

And again the same as waspie this underbust style of corset is made of a lot of fabrics, for underwear is the best cotton and satin.



If you are looking for stylish underbust corset that will be a part of your outfit, maybe even cosplay, gothic or steampunk look you will have much bigger choice of materials and fabrics for this: velvet, real sheep leather, PVC, corsets with metal decoration.

steampunk leather corsetUsually people prefer underbust corsets for steampunk outfits. It allows to add suitable cotton shirt under it.








woman in maroon suede corsetFor steampunk look choose corsets of brown leather or leather and brocade. Velvet or fake suede underbust corsets are mostly creating vintage, gothic or sometimes pinup look. For such classic gowns we have a special designs of classic Victorian corsets that are repeating shapes of corsets of past ages.







Do you need different corsets according to season of a year?

Of course it is always better to use natural cotton fabrics at summer and to choose leather, velvet, satin at other time of a year. It is also very suitable to have corsets of several different colors: classic black and beige, white and something more bright like cherry or dark blue. Don’t forget also to have one or two leather waspies of regular colors that you will be able to use instead of belt or girdle.