When Do You Need A Custom Made Corset?

custom made waist training corsetA lot of brands and shops are offering you numerous amount of ready corsets, some of them are affordable, some of them can be expensive, some can be of super high quality, other’s can be of lower quality. But even if you found high quality corsets with steel bones at the store you still can be not happy because they are not exactly what you need.

So when you may need custom made corset?

  1. When you are looking for something exclusive or made just for you. You are creating a cosplay outfit? Or you want to shine at your prom and invented a style suitable for your skirt? You are producer or costume manager at the movie? You are working on costumes for burlesque show? You just want to have the corset that has your favorite hero at movie or even computer game. In such case you may try to find something similar among ready corsets. But it is better to order your own custom made corset at corsetmaking company that provides only high quality authentic corsets. Of course you always can go to the tailor, but usually the price of such corset will be times more expensive and at the same time this product won’t be created according to all technologies of corset making. It is always much better to order corset at the place where people are creating corsets professionaly and have all needed machines and equipment and details.
  2. Big bust in corsetYou want corset of sizes that are different than regular. What does it mean? You may want to have a super hourglasses shapes because you are a waist trainer with experience. Hourglasses shapes are created by corset with the difference between waist and hips in 12″ and more. Usually regular sizes offer not more than 10 inches difference. It is made because people without waist training experience won’t be able to handle so big waist reduction (that sometimes san be 10″ and more). At the same time you may have bust or hips that are bigger or smaller than regular sizes. For such people Corsettery offers a special option called Individual size that allows to create your own size.
  3. You want to add or change detail in regular style of corset – to add a strap around neck or to take it away, to make underbust corset in style of overbust top that you have found at our site, you want to have a corset with high back or anything else. It is for sure a reason to apply for your own custom made individual corset.
  4. You are owning a shop or a store and you want to sell corsets there. And the main is that you want them to be made according to your own designs, to offer something exclusive to your buyers and something that will be in style of your shop. Apply and we will gladly create your own individual collection that will be sold only by your shop and offer you wholesale prices.

How does it work

If you realised that regular style or size of corset doesn’t fit you and you want to make something new you may:
– contact us directly at corsettery@gmail.com where we will discuss what exactly you need and then send you Paypal invoice or you may choose style of corset and Individual size option there and add your measurements to the notes of corset.

How much does it cost?

Here at Corsettery we are creating each corset individually no matter if it is regular or custom. So it won’t cost more than the same corset of regular size or style.

What measurements I will need for custom corset?

To create a corset we need measurements of your bust around nipples (for overbust corset, please put on bra if you want to wear corset with bra), underbust, wait and hip bones for all corsets and the waist of corset that you want to have.

Email order corset onlineIf you have questions about creating custom made corset please contact us.

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