Waist Training Diaries- Part 2

In Part 1 of this short series on waist training, we discussed the 30 day waist training challenge held by Corsettery.com through their Instagram.  In this challenge, 5 participants were sent free waist training corsets and asked to train with them for a period of 30 days.  In the last article, we discussed the motivations for participants to try waist training and talked about the importance of breaking in your corset and allowing your body to adjust to waist training building up the time training each day.   In this article we will dive into the results.  What was the experience like for these participants.  How did they feel about it? What were the objective and subjective changes in just 30 short days?

underbust corset under clothesWeek 2 is about refining and determining the sweet spot for how long to wear your waist training corset as well as when to wear it.  This is also the time to make an overall health plan.  Some participants took this as an opportunity to improve both their eating habits and their exercise level.  This is the time also when your body adjusts to the feeling of wearing a waist training corset.  One participant described wearing the corset as “not painful or uncomfortable but still a bit of a weird feeling.”  This is also the time to start tightening the laces of your corset.  Participants are able to tighten their corset by approximately 1-2” more than when they started.  More tightening means more waist training.  Yeah!!

Week 3 is when waist training really starts to kick in.  Participants found their sweet spot of knowing when and how much to wear their corset to meet their needs.  Some would wear for just a couple of hours a day while others would wear for 5 or 6 hours plus while they sleep.  It’s all about finding what works best for your body, your goals and your lifestyle.  This is when results start to be more noticeable.  One participant said that it encourages her muscles to work harder which made her stomach feel tighter and stronger and said her clothes fit much looser.  Another participant reduced her waist and ribs by 3 inches.

waist training with corset resultsThe final week of the Corsettery.com waist training experiment has arrived.   All participants have noticed significant increases in the comfort level of wearing a waist training corset and compliment the quality and sturdiness of the Corsettery corsets.  All noticed reductions in their waist and hips and saw a definitive improvement in their “hourglass” shape.  One participant was so pleased that she did a boudoir photoshoot while wearing her corset and looking so beautiful in it. The experiment was certainly a success!!

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